Saturday, April 16

Youth Pastor, 6-month-old Son Die in House Fire

Several of my friends spent the last week at The Gospel Coalition Conference in Chicago. This is a biannual conference that brings thousands of evangelical Christian leaders together.

One of the attendees of this conference returned home from this event and tragically lost his life, along with the life of his infant son.

Please take time to educate your church members and your family on the importance of smoke detectors in your home and workplaces.

From: Daily Reporter

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A youth pastor and his 6-month-old son died in a house fire while his wife and two daughters were away from Michigan, officials said Friday.

Derek Taatjes, 34, of Grand Rapids was found dead in the living room Thursday night while son Dylan was in an upstairs bedroom, authorities said. The fire likely started in the basement...

Firefighters told the Press that the house lacked smoke detectors.

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