Friday, April 29


My wife's parents got hit pretty hard by this last set of tornado's. Here is a picture of a church from their local town. This is in Southwestern, VA near TN. 

Thursday, April 28

3 Church Members and Pastor Robbed in Florida

From: Orlando Sentinel (Thanks Matt)

"A man who had just been robbed at his church told authorities that the two men who committed the robbery had been armed with large guns.

Sanford police today released a recording of a 911 call made in the terrifying minutes after the two masked men robbed three church band members and a pastor Wednesday night at Iglesia Apostólica, 2599 Sanford Ave."

Wednesday, April 27

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Saturday, April 23

Church Hit by Thieves Twice in One Day

From: Mail Tribune (Thanks Carl)

"At about 1:20 p.m., Corey Malbeck, 22, and Brittany Lovrovich, 20, both of Ashland, entered Ashland Christian Fellowship on Hersey Street asking for food, said Ashland police Lt. Corey Falls. When a woman at the church left the room to get food for the couple, Lovrovich and Malbeck took the woman's wallet from her purse, which she had left on the counter, and fled, Falls said.

When the woman returned, she realized items were missing from her purse and called police to report the crime, but charges quickly appeared on her stolen credit cards."

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Sunday, April 17

Church Security Key Topic at ISC West Security Conference

From: Examiner

"Churchgoers in the Bay Area and elsewhere around the U.S. can add one more item to pray about: they can pray that their house of worship won’t become another target of burglars and thieves.

The sad reality is that churches, in increasing numbers, are becoming attractive targets of thieves largely because there are now more high-tech items of value to steal. That was a key topic of discussion at this year’s ISC West security technology trade show and conference which opened yesterday in Las Vegas."

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Free House of Worship Security Self Assessment - Honeywell

From: Honeywell

"Download your free copy of the House of Worship SecuritySelf-Assessment to learn about considerations for protecting your house of worship. The assessment provides non-security professionals in the houses of worship environment to engage in a careful observation of":

  • Assessing areas of risk
  • Identifying physical and electronic security gaps
  • Securing assets, including people and property
  • Protecting children and youth
  • Managing visitor access to facilities 

Saturday, April 16

Tornado Destroys Church in South Carolina

Tornado Warnings Sweep East Coast - Saturday

From: Fox News

BONNEAU, S.C. -- Fire officials say a tornado has collapsed a church with six people inside near the town of Bonneau. There was no immediate word on injuries.

Melinda Wadford with the St. Stephen Fire Department auxiliary said Saturday she did not know whether anyone inside the church was harmed when the building collapsed

Youth Pastor, 6-month-old Son Die in House Fire

Several of my friends spent the last week at The Gospel Coalition Conference in Chicago. This is a biannual conference that brings thousands of evangelical Christian leaders together.

One of the attendees of this conference returned home from this event and tragically lost his life, along with the life of his infant son.

Please take time to educate your church members and your family on the importance of smoke detectors in your home and workplaces.

From: Daily Reporter

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A youth pastor and his 6-month-old son died in a house fire while his wife and two daughters were away from Michigan, officials said Friday.

Derek Taatjes, 34, of Grand Rapids was found dead in the living room Thursday night while son Dylan was in an upstairs bedroom, authorities said. The fire likely started in the basement...

Firefighters told the Press that the house lacked smoke detectors.

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Thursday, April 14

Win for VA Churches: Gun Law

From: Roanoke Times

Virginians can carry firearms into churches and other places of worship while services are being conducted, but churches also have the right to ban guns from their premises, according to an advisory opinion from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli issued the opinion late last week in response to a state legislator's inquiry about a Virginia law that prohibits individuals from carrying firearms into religious services without "good and sufficient reason." Violation of the law is a misdemeanor.

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Monday, April 11

Alleged Security Officer Assaults Women at Church

From: WMBF

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - " Myrtle Beach Police are investigating claims made by a 34-year-old woman that a man dressed in a security uniform made advances towards her at a Myrtle Beach church.

The woman told police the incident occurred at First Presbyterian Church on Wednesday night, located at 1300 North Kings Hwy. in Myrtle Beach."

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Note: Has your church conducted security checks on its security staff?

Sunday, April 10

Santa Monica Synagogue Explosion

By now this event should be old news for most of you; however, I wanted to make sure that I included it on the blog for anyone who may not have picked it up in the local news. It looks like reports are back to claiming this to potentially be a planted bomb.

From: Los Angeles Times

"First it was believed to be a bomb, then it was dismissed as a freak industrial accident, and now authorities are again saying that the explosion last week near a Santa Monica synagogue was, most likely, deliberately planned."

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Wednesday, April 6


"The Warren County Sheriff's Office said a man tried to solicit a boy for sex at a church."

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Important note:
For information on background check screening services check out IntelliCorp

Tuesday, April 5

Rumor of gunman at NY church

From The Wall Street Journal

BUFFALO, N.Y. — "Police in Buffalo are investigating reports of gunfire near a church where a funeral was being held for a teenager shot to death last weekend.

Rumors of a gunman outside the Bethel Tabernacle UHCA Church sent scores of mourners into a panic during Monday morning's funeral services for 17-year-old Tyjohn Taylor, who was killed last Sunday."

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