Sunday, March 27

Is Your Gas Tank Safe While at Church?

I had the privilege of having some of my wife relatives over for dinner last night. I am excited that they follow this blog and wanted to contribute to all of my other readers a recent experience that they encountered at their local church. I will have to say that this is the first time that I have heard of something like this happening; however, I am not at all surprised.

It seems that criminals have found a new way to prey on church goers as they worship God and learn from His Word. On a recent Sunday in Southwestern Virginia, church goers were surprised to learn that their gas tanks had been emptied while attending church. With the rise of gas prices crooks entered the church parking lot and siphoned the gas from the cars that were parked there.

Learning Point: If your church has a security, greeter or usher team. Make it part of their responsibility to walk the church parking lot a few times during the service. This practice will serve as a deterrent to anyone who may be doing harm during your church service. Although, this is the first time that I have heard about gas being siphoned, I regularly read about cars being broken into or unwanted solicitors putting flyers on cars during the service.

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