Tuesday, February 15

Solar Power through Stained Glass Windows

"The biblical command “Let there be light!” will have a different but green meaning for parishioners of the Holy Family Catholic Church in Saskatoon. The house of worship is renovating and embedding solar cells on its new stained glass windows.

The glass windows, being made by Sarah Hall Studio Solar Windows, will be installed in spring. It will be the first church in North America to tap solar energy to provide electricity to the edifice. The church apparently has taken its cue from the Vatican, which installed 2,700 solar panels in 2008."

Read more: http://www.allheadlinenews.com/briefs/articles/90034450?Saskatoon%20church%20taps%20solar%20power%20through%20stained%20glass%20windows#ixzz1E3o5P3XG

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