Friday, February 4

Is Your Church Safe in the Snow?

"A historical church that's among the few that survived the Great Chicago Fire sustained extensive damage from this week's blizzard. 

The roof of First Baptist Congregational Church, at 1613 W. Washington, collapsed from the weight of the snow damaging the church's exterior and interior."

I noticed several recent articles in the news regarding churches that sustained damage due to the heavy snow fall. A large part of the nation received extensive snow fall this past week. I thought that this would serve as a good reminder to make sure that your church facility is ready for the winter weather. If your area experiences heavy snow fall make it a priority to have someone safely remove excess snow from the roof of your building. Many churches (especially older ones) can not hold the added weight for an extended period of time.


  1. Having to spend an amount that would lead to real security is better than having to buy cheap door locks which would later on break and be fixed again.

  2. You never know where crime will strike, even in Church's! Digital CCTV need to be installed to deter crime.

  3. Dean we would agree with your comment. More churches need to invest and install CCTV and Access Control systems.