Thursday, February 10

Church Liable for Construction Workers Death?

UPPER WEST SIDE — "The Department of Buildings issued a violation for improper safety measures to the owners of an Upper West Side construction site where two workers fell 65 feet to their death Tuesday morning.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church's construction site at 150 West 83rd Street did not have a proper guardrail system installed in the elevator shaft where the men were working, according to the violation on the DOB’s website. The city has issued a stop work order until the fixes are made."

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This is a great article to get you thinking about different things at your church facility that you may be liable for. Just because the construction workers were not employed by the church does not mean that they are not liable for their deaths. If you have any major projects occurring at a facility that you own, make sure that you are involved all aspects of keeping the project safe!

Special Note: Winter is still upon us...Make sure that your facility properly maintains icy sidewalks and parking lots. Someone slipping and falling due to neglect of the facility can be a fast track to a law suit. 


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  2. I don't know the ins and outs of the case, but the security company that was liable for keeping the construction site secure should of prevented this from happening.