Monday, February 28

Three Strands Church Security Conference

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Church Security Conference
July 15-16,2011
Covenant Church,Carrollton, TX

Join America’s leading experts in Church Security for the best training available to Security Directors, Church Business Administrator, Church Leaders and Facility Directors.

An information-packed Conference, with proven strategies and techniques to improve your church’s security.

A different conference experience every year with the nations' leading experts in Church Security.

Speakers include

Director David Wood
Presentation Topic - Multi-site Mega-church security

With five campuses and approaching 10,00 in membership, Covenant Church represents one of the largest Mega-churches in America. David Wood has been at the helm of the ministry's security and safety efforts for the past 10 years. As Security Director of a large ministry, David deals daily with the complexities of a diverse, multicultural, multi-site mega-church. David will speak on the security efforts of such a ministry.

Major Carole Newell
Presentation Topic - Responding to the Mentally Ill

Major Newell has been with the Broken Arrow, OK Police Department for more than 25 years. In that time she has worked in nearly every facet of the department, and has spent considerable time in the Criminal Investigations Unit. She spent 14 years on the Crisis Negotiation Team, the last 7 as the Team Leader. She is currently the Headquarters Division Commander overseeing Criminal Investigations, Special Investigations, Property Room, and Training Units. During her career she has acquired extensive training and experience dealing with mental health issues, domestic violence, and sexual assault, and has also taught classes to law enforcement personnel. Carole also serves as the Department Head of Security at World Outreach Church in Tulsa, OK. She is a graduate of the FBI National Academy as well as Rhema Bible Training Center.

Carl Chinn
Presentation Topics - Eye witness recount
- New Life church shooting
- Focus on the Family hostage incident

The 2007 shooting at New Life Church in Colorado Springs was one of the most significant attacks on Christian ministries in recent years. The gunman / hostage incident at the “Focus on the Family” headquarters in 1996 was another ministry incident of note. Chinn played a key role in the preincident emergency planning and was an initial responder in both incidents. Chinn will speak on plan development and shares inside recounts of these infamous incidents. Carl Chinn speaks on the subject of ministry environment security and emergency response.

Chuck Chadwick
Presentation Topics -
#1 - Security Teams and State Laws
#2 - Security Technologies

As former Director of Security for one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America; Chuck brings a “real world” perspective of dealing with the security concerns of the nation’s largest multi-site mega-churches. Chuck’s 29 years of security experience and his founding of The National Organization for Church Security and Safety Management (NOCSSM), helps him guide churches, both large and small, in addressing church specific security concerns. He has trained hundreds of churches across the nation in the basics as well as the highly advanced technical aspects of church security.As President of Gatekeepers Security Services, LLC, Chuck's companies provide security services to some of the nation's largest mega-churches.

Vic Meyer
Presentation Topic - - Killers of Innocence - True Story: When a sex molester hits your church.

Vic Meyer is board certified by ASIS International in security management and is the former Sr. Director of Security at Grace Church and Grace Christian School in Tulsa Oklahoma. From tragic experience he has learned that child molesters at church work tirelessly to gain our trust, gratitude and love to gain access to the very beat of our hearts, our children. Vic will arm you with the awareness and tools to keep them safe without impeding ministry.

Jeff Laster
Presentation Topic -The Incident at Wedgewood Baptist Church September 1999

On September 15, 1999, a gunman entered Wedgwood Baptist Church and opened fire with a 9mm, killing seven and wounding seven others. It was a Wednesday Evening and the church was hosting a “Saw You at the Pole Rally”. A worship service for the youth of the area to celebrate what God had done through their “See You at the Pole” events held at their school flag poles that morning. Jeff was the first one shot by the gunman as he greeted him at the door. Jeff will be sharing how this affected Wedgwood and the community, how it has changed us, and how it has given Wedgwood an opportunity to reach out to those affected by similar tragedies.

Tuesday, February 15

Solar Power through Stained Glass Windows

"The biblical command “Let there be light!” will have a different but green meaning for parishioners of the Holy Family Catholic Church in Saskatoon. The house of worship is renovating and embedding solar cells on its new stained glass windows.

The glass windows, being made by Sarah Hall Studio Solar Windows, will be installed in spring. It will be the first church in North America to tap solar energy to provide electricity to the edifice. The church apparently has taken its cue from the Vatican, which installed 2,700 solar panels in 2008."

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Friday, February 11

First Lady Michelle Obama Visits Atlanta Church!

"The faith community surrounding Atlanta played host to first lady Michelle Obama for a speech marking the first anniversary of her Let’s Move initiative.

Let’s Move is a program to get children to live more active lifestyles and eat healthier.

Co-hosts were Northpoint Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, and Ray of Hope Christian Church in Decatur, Georgia. She spoke in Alpharetta."

Question for Readers? Has your church ever experienced a VIP in attendance? This could be a politician or celebrity. Please comment and tell us about the experience.

Thursday, February 10

Church Liable for Construction Workers Death?

UPPER WEST SIDE — "The Department of Buildings issued a violation for improper safety measures to the owners of an Upper West Side construction site where two workers fell 65 feet to their death Tuesday morning.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church's construction site at 150 West 83rd Street did not have a proper guardrail system installed in the elevator shaft where the men were working, according to the violation on the DOB’s website. The city has issued a stop work order until the fixes are made."

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This is a great article to get you thinking about different things at your church facility that you may be liable for. Just because the construction workers were not employed by the church does not mean that they are not liable for their deaths. If you have any major projects occurring at a facility that you own, make sure that you are involved all aspects of keeping the project safe!

Special Note: Winter is still upon us...Make sure that your facility properly maintains icy sidewalks and parking lots. Someone slipping and falling due to neglect of the facility can be a fast track to a law suit. 

Wednesday, February 9

4 Accused of Throwing Molotov Cocktails at Church

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - "Poplar Bluff Police arrested four suspects in association with the fire at Fellowship General Baptist Church early Sunday morning.

The boys are accused of making Molotov cocktails and throwing them through the windows of the church."

Tuesday, February 8

Car Crashes into the Basement of Church Near Boston

"A car sits on its side after crashing into the basement of St. Peter’s Church on Route 137 in Harwich , Massachusetts early Sunday ( 02-07-11 ) morning. The driver of the car, Lauren DeAngelis of Dennis, will be summonsed to court to face operating under the influence charges. There was extensive damage to the basement of the church. "

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Monday, February 7

$317,000 Stolen from West Chicago Church

"A former Catholic church deacon and business manager who admitted he stole more than $317,000 from his West Chicago church was sentenced Monday to six years in prison.

George Valdez took the money from St. Mary’s Catholic Church, using it to pay credit-card bills and other personal expenses — and to buy himself $10,000 in Bears and White Sox tickets."

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Sunday, February 6

Exciting News! Grand Opening...

Exciting News! Grand Opening of the store.

I added a new section to this website. It is listed under the “Store” tab on the main tool bar. I wanted to have a section where I could recommend resources that you might find helpful. I often receive emails asking me for suggestions for Church Security books, supplies, and clothing…

I have split the store into three different sections.

- Recommended Books
- Security Product 
- Security Apparel

The store is linked to Amazon for your shopping convenience. I hope you find some of the resources helpful!

Saturday, February 5

Free Church Security Conference Audio Resources

Many resources from the 2010 Church Security Vigilance Conference are available online for free from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS). 
Click on the below link for resources.

Friday, February 4

Is Your Church Safe in the Snow?

"A historical church that's among the few that survived the Great Chicago Fire sustained extensive damage from this week's blizzard. 

The roof of First Baptist Congregational Church, at 1613 W. Washington, collapsed from the weight of the snow damaging the church's exterior and interior."

I noticed several recent articles in the news regarding churches that sustained damage due to the heavy snow fall. A large part of the nation received extensive snow fall this past week. I thought that this would serve as a good reminder to make sure that your church facility is ready for the winter weather. If your area experiences heavy snow fall make it a priority to have someone safely remove excess snow from the roof of your building. Many churches (especially older ones) can not hold the added weight for an extended period of time.