Monday, November 1

Best Practices for Mail Center Security

In light on the recent CONFIRMED attempted terrorist attack on Houses of Worship within the United States of America, I encourage all of you to review your policy for handling mail and packages that are sent to your facility. Below is a clip from the United States Postal Service, along with a link for recommendations for "Best Practices for Mail Center Security"

"There are millions of businesses that use the mail. The vast majority of these have only 'one to a few' person(s) responsible for mail center-type operations. Of these millions of businesses, there are thousands of large, complex corporate mail center operations. The best practices listed below are a summary of well-developed mail center security procedures that can be used by any mail center.Procedures applicable primarily to large mail centers are identified as such, and in bold.

These recommendations come from businesses that use the mail and have been shared with the USPS for distribution to its customers. Since needs and resources are often different, every suggestion may not apply to all businesses. Mailers should determine which are appropriate for their company and conduct periodic security reviews of their operation to identify needed improvements. The list below contains general security concepts and a few specific examples of how to accomplish them."

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