Saturday, October 23

“10 Famous Megachurch Founders and the Story Behind Them”

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"The megachurch movement, most commonly associated with evangelical, fundamentalist, or “prosperity gospel” Christianity (generally Protestant) in America, actually stretches much further than many realize. Because these institutions attract thousands of followers, it probably comes as little surprise that their founders and pastors generally garner a considerable amount of fame as a result. Most of them enjoy recognition from outside their religious or political niches as well – sometimes in the form of activism, participation in various conferences and summits, lectures, book deals, television appearances, and shocking scandals. The following list briefly summarizes some of the more prominent megachurch founders out there, focusing mainly on their relationships with the congregations they started rather than their public humiliations. It was, after all, not compiled by Perez Hilton. These men are who they are (or were who they were), and it is up to the reader to decide if he or she finds their messages and lives inspiring or appalling."

1.) John Olsteen
2.) Rick Warren
3.) David Yonggi Cho
4.) Bill Hybels
5.) Ted Haggard
6.) Frederick K.C. Price
7.) Robert H. Schuller
8.) T.D. Jakes
9.) Jerry Falwell
10.) Earl Paulk

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