Friday, October 29


President Obama confirms that two of the packages destined for Chicago places of worship did in fact have explosive material in them. DHS is taking steps to enhance safety of air travel...

Security Alert for Synagogues and Churches in Chicago

"Suspect packages from Yemen destined for religious institutions in Chicago unleashed an international security alert Friday as investigators swept US cargo planes for possible Al-Qaeda bombs...US authorities warned Jewish leaders in Chicago of a threat against synagogues in the city, which reportedly could be part of the suspected plot."

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Wednesday, October 27

Tries Slashed on 33 Cars

BELLEVILLE, IL ( — Belleville, Illinois, police are looking for vandals who slashed the tires on more 33 vehicles the last few days. Most of the damage occurred on a church parking lot Sunday night. Shayla Wilson, 19, was taken aback by the news, "That was a big surprise," says Wilson. Her 1994 Oldsmobile was targeted by vandals. "They got all four of my tires. When I realized it, I was like, 'Wow.' The first thing that came to my mind is 'How am I going to pay for this?'"

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Is your church parking lot protected?

Surveillance Camera
Roving Security During Meetings
Parking Crews

Tuesday, October 26

Church Security and Car Charging Stations

Churches and gas stations -- the two make an unlikely pair.

"Coulomb Technologies said on Friday that Wooden Cross Lutheran will be the first church in the country to get a charging station. Coulomb, a Silicon Valley startup, is running a $37 million program (with $15 million from the federal government) to install 4,600 public and home charging stations in nine regions of the country, including New York, Washington, D.C., Orlando (Fla.), Austin, Detroit, and the San Francisco Bay Area."

Wooden Cross Lutheran Church may be the first in the country to receive an electric charging station for vehicles; however, if this trend continues they surly will not be the last. This situation will bring forth a new front in the security industry. How do be prevent unauthorized user from stealing electricity? How do we regulate who will use these charging stations? This is something that I have not even begun to think about; however, this may be something that we all will need to consider in the next decade.

Monday, October 25

Fetus Found In Hallway of Church

"A fetus was found on Saturday in the hallway of a west suburban church, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office.

No pronouncement information was immediately available, but the fetus was reportedly found as mass was taking place at St. Louise de Marillac Catholic Parish, 1140 Harrison Ave. in LaGrange Park, is at that location.

Father Denis Condon said the mother, a parishioner who regularly attends mass at St. Louise, had a miscarriage in the women's bathroom during mass Saturday evening."

Sunday, October 24

Endorsement: Dan Dumas, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Dan Dumas
-Senior Vice President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“A part of living in a Genesis three world is the progressive need for heightened security in public venues. Light attracts bugs and Brian Gallagher has set a coarse to provide some world class leadership in this category of ministry. Brian has made it his mission to enhance the light and lessen the bugs and keep us safe from sinful forces—too this end I am grateful.”

Saturday, October 23

“10 Famous Megachurch Founders and the Story Behind Them”

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"The megachurch movement, most commonly associated with evangelical, fundamentalist, or “prosperity gospel” Christianity (generally Protestant) in America, actually stretches much further than many realize. Because these institutions attract thousands of followers, it probably comes as little surprise that their founders and pastors generally garner a considerable amount of fame as a result. Most of them enjoy recognition from outside their religious or political niches as well – sometimes in the form of activism, participation in various conferences and summits, lectures, book deals, television appearances, and shocking scandals. The following list briefly summarizes some of the more prominent megachurch founders out there, focusing mainly on their relationships with the congregations they started rather than their public humiliations. It was, after all, not compiled by Perez Hilton. These men are who they are (or were who they were), and it is up to the reader to decide if he or she finds their messages and lives inspiring or appalling."

1.) John Olsteen
2.) Rick Warren
3.) David Yonggi Cho
4.) Bill Hybels
5.) Ted Haggard
6.) Frederick K.C. Price
7.) Robert H. Schuller
8.) T.D. Jakes
9.) Jerry Falwell
10.) Earl Paulk

Wednesday, October 20

Church Targeted Three Times!

"A church in Decatur is trying to replace up to $14,000 in stolen electronics and cash after thieves targeted it three times.

Briarlake Baptist Church Pastor Tommy Ferrell told WSB-TV that thieves apparently broke into the building on Saturday. Then they came back two more times."

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Tuesday, October 12

Pastor Found Murdered - Sunday

"A Chattanooga man and a teenager used a stick, vase and knife to torture to death a local pastor who would not reveal the PIN to his debit card, police said Monday.

They beat, stabbed and strangled the Rev. David Strong, pastor at St. Paul AME Church, and then hit him over the head with a vase and cut his throat, police said."

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Saturday, October 9

Woman Carries Holstered Pistol to Church

"A Wisconsin gun rights group that has filed federal lawsuits against the state and the cities of Racine and Madison sued the city of Brookfield Thursday for arresting a woman in July who wore her gun to church.

Wisconsin Carry filed Thursday's lawsuit is on behalf of Krysta Sutterfield who carried a holstered pistol to the Unitarian Universalist Church in Brookfield on July 4. Police arrived after someone called to complain about the weapon."