Wednesday, August 25

Pastor: My right to bear arms was violated

"A pastor from Elizabethton said police in Washington D.C. violated his right to bear arms -- during the July Fourth weekend.

William Duncan started preaching the gospel 33 years ago.

On July second, he pulled into a Holiday Inn parking lot with two loaded handguns under the driver's seat. The hotel shares a parking lot with the Federal Emergency Management Agency."

What is your opinion on this article? Was the pastor right or the police officer?


  1. I'd like to preface my remarks by saying that I am a big proponent of the Second Amendment. I own guns. I lawfully carry a gun. I compete in shooting sports.


    With every right comes attendant responsibilities which cannot be divorced from the exercise of the right. When it comes to bearing arms, one is responsible for knowing and following the laws of the jurisdiction they are in.

    Washington, DC is known for it's draconian gun laws (and it's astronomical crime rate, but that's another post). As a civilian licensed to carry a firearm, I know that I cannot carry a firearm into DC - even locked in a safe in the trunk of my car. Pastor Duncan should have known this as well.

    Pastor Duncan was *extremely* fortunate that the charges were dropped, and I don't believe that would have been the case for the vast majority of civillians caught with firearms in DC.

    Bottom line - if you carry a firearm on your person or in your vehicle, know the law before you travel. There are several excellent resources on the Internet for finding out where and how you can carry.

  2. I concur completely with Matt. The fact that he had a permit means at the very least he was aware of the varying legal differences of carry laws in all states. Hopefully we'll all have constitutional carry some day but for now, know the laws.