Tuesday, August 31

10 Church Leaders Surrounded by Scandal

The following article if presented by www.christiancollegesonline.org. I think that it is important to lean from the examples of the past and looks for ways to protect your church from falling to the same sinful scandals. I am not supporting or denying the facts of these statements. I am just bringing them to my readers for consideration within their own church. Make sure to click the link to the article for full video and specific details.

"If Ben Franklin were writing today, he’d likely say that nothing in this world is certain but death, taxes, and religious scandal. There have been so many church leaders plagued by scandal that Wikipedia has an entire category devoted to cataloguing the ways various men and women of God found themselves brought low by lust, anger, or good old-fashioned greed. The people on this list are notable not just for their mistakes, but ultimately how ordinary they are: they slept with the wrong person, bought the wrong house, etc. These are the church leaders who’ve shot themselves in the feet, and who might be forgiven but will never be forgotten."

1) Ted Haggard
2) Jim Bakker
3) Pope Benedict XVI
4) Henry Lyons
5) George Alan Rekers
6) Joe Barron
7) Coy Privette
8) Earl Paulk
9) Lonnie Latham
10) Fred Phelps

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