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Vigilance: Seminar Part 1

 Starting a Security Program at Church – Raoul L. Williams
Starting a church security program can be a very daunting task. This session will focus on providing the attendees with tools to reduce the anxiety associated with forming a security team. Topics to be covered include: establishing the need for a church security program, the identification and solicitation of key personnel, development of security team mindset, and training. The necessity of networking within the church, the church community and the public safety community will also be explored.

Target Hardening: Physical Security for Churches – William S. Carcara and Michael Simpson 

“Target Hardening” refers to the strengthening of the security of an individual premise with the goal of reducing or minimizing potential criminal attack, risks, or vulnerabilities. The concept of target hardening does not necessarily imply a fortress or bunker mentality. Simply put, the idea of target hardening is that a strong, visible defense will deter or delay a criminal attack.

Target hardening is a means to reduce the opportunity of criminal attack by increasing the effort that a criminal must exert to accomplish his or her goal. The more effort that is expended, the greatertheriskandthegreaterthechancethatthecriminalwillbeapprehended Criminals seek easy targets which minimizes the likelihood of being detected or caught. The more difficult the target, the more likely a potential burglar or thief will pick another property to attack.

Investigations and the Importance of Documentation – Bob Perkins 

It doesn't matter what the size of our church or faith based school, all incidents, crimes or threats must be investigated and properly documented. This training will show how proper investigations and documentation can help prevent or prosecute those wanting to harm those seeking God in their lives.

Video surveillance: The Devil's in the Details - Chuck Chadwick 

Video surveillance is the hottest thing in church security market today. From Childcare areas to the Main auditorium churches are jumping on board to take advantage of this great technology. Building “Master Control Rooms" and real -time monitoring of multi-campus sites are among the more sophisticated endeavors. Chuck Chadwick will explain the details that can make you video surveillance system a boon or bust. Lens selection, compression methods, image resolution and frame rates are all explained to give you the extra intel you need when selecting and designing these system.

Lightning Strikes Twice (The Story of the Gunman/Hostage Incident at Focus on the Family, May 1996) - Carl Chinn 

This session will be a summary overview of the planning actions prior to, and response actions during two significant attacks on ministries in Colorado Springs. The first occurred on May 2nd, 1996 when a gunman entered Focus on the Family, threatening to blow up the facility and taking hostages. 11 years later, and just 3 1⁄2 miles north another gunman entered New Life Church killing two people in the parking lot before being stopped by effective security efforts in the building. Chinn played a key role in the pre-incident emergency planning at both ministries and was an initial responder in both incidents. Chinn presents on plan development and shares first-hand recounts of those criminal attacks.

The Incident at Wedgewood Baptist Church September 1999 - Jeff Laster 

On September 15, 1999, a gunman entered Wedgwood Baptist Church and opened fire with a 9mm, killing seven and wounding seven others. It was a Wednesday Evening and the church was hosting a “Saw You at the Pole Rally”. A worship service for the youth of the area to celebrate what God had done through their “See You at the Pole” events held at their school flag poles that morning. I was the first one shot by the gunman as I greeted him at the door. I will be sharing how this affected Wedgwood and our community, how it has changed us, and how it has given Wedgwood an opportunity to reach out to those affected by similar tragedies.

Children & Youth Worker Training – David O. Middlebrook 

The issue of protecting minors while in the care of the church has become an explosive legal issue nationwide over the past few years. A recent study shows abuse allegations to be one of the most common reasons a church gets sued. Common sense leads to the conclusion that large, fast growing churches with many new faces and many young faces have tremendous exposure unless action is taken to avoid or greatly reduce the risk of an incident of child abuse and particularly, child sexual abuse. During this session David Middlebrook will discuss how you can protect the children and youth in your church.

Emotional/Child Abuse – Heath Lambert 

Nothing can wreak havoc in a local body of believers like the experience of child abuse. When it occurs, this problem has a unique ability to do significant harm to individuals as well as the larger congregation. This seminar will examine how church leaders can be vigilant to protect children and families from abuse. It will also examine how to respond when abuse does occur and how to use biblical and civil authorities to deal with the problem.

Medical/Response Equipment – Scott La Rue 

In this seminar we will discuss the must-have medical plan for your campus, church or facility no matter how large or small an area you protect. Including; building a medical response plan, methodology and implementation, and necessary resources for application.

Public Safety Relations – Ron Aguiar 

This seminar will discuss ways to connect with and maintain good relationships with your Fire and Police Departments, as well as other public agencies that impact your ministry. It will also give real life examples of good and bad situations.

Terrorism – Jeffrey A. Hawkins 

Several years ago, in an Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) briefing meeting at the U.S. State Department, then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated “Faith Based Organizations are now one of the top five ‘at risk’ sectors in the world”. Christian organizations are facing growing threats from both foreign and domestic groups. This session will review these growing threats and examine why the Christian community as a whole needs to step up efforts to prepare for terrorism in the U.S. and abroad.

Fire Suppression/ Evacuation – Brian Gallagher 

It’s important to remember that a fire may be your biggest threat. According to the NFPA an average of 1,300 church fires are reported each year causing $38 million in property loss. Do you know how your congregation will react to a fire alarm in the middle of a Sunday service? When and how should the fire alarm and suppression systems be checked in your facility? There is much more to consider than the basic stop, drop, and roll that we all learned as kids. Knowing proper techniques could help save lives.

Mass Causality Incidents – Roger Mason 

Mass casualty incidents can quickly overwhelm most churches. These types of critical incidents can result from human action, accidents, or natural disaster disasters. The key to preparing your church is developing a plan that will protect your members and integrate your response with your local emergency management resources.

Active Shooter Protocols – Ted Matthews 

Unfortunately, violence against churches, particularly shootings at churches is on the rise. This seminar will discuss active shooters and immediate responses by church members and security. The 5 phases of an active shooter will be discussed, along with ways to prevent violence in the church, the biblical perspective of why we defend the church and the flock and the need of striking a balance of a loving church and protection of the church.

Risk Management – Ronald “Buzz” Horch 

“Risk Management Fundamentals” will cover the framework and fundamentals of effective security risk management. Topics will include: Preparedness Basics, Roles of Subject Matter Experts and Decision Makers, 5 Strategies to Manage Risk, Smart Hiring, Workplace Violence and Keys to Training.

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