Saturday, July 10

Is Georgia Next to Change Church Gun Law?

"A Thomaston (Georgia) minister and a gun rights advocacy group is filing lawsuit challenging Georgia’s prohibition against guns in church, a move that was predicted after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last month the Second Amendment's guarantee of an individual right to bear arms applied to state and local gun control laws...The suit also said Wilkins often works long hours alone at the Baptist Tabernacle and needs to be able to protect himself and during services " for the protection of his flock, his family, and himself, but he is in fear of arrest and prosecution under the carry ban for doing so.  The Tabernacle would like to have members armed for the protection of its members attending worship services and other events at the Tabernacle's place of worship.”

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It has been less then one week since the Governor of Louisiana has signed his states new gun law into action. It seem that Georgia could be the next state to be capturing national news on the same topic. Less then seven days since the completion of ones states battle a new battle has begun. What is clear by this article is that churches across America feel that they should have the legal right (for authorized individuals) to carry arms within their facilities. 

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