Sunday, July 18

Heat Wave Brings Theft of Air Conditioning Units

"Delaware State Police are looking for those responsible for a string of thefts from churches in western Kent County.

The thieves are targeting air conditioners and so far have taken eight units, along with copper tubing, from the churches, said police spokesman Master Cpl. Bruce Harris. The thieves apparently work at night and so far have caused $10,800 in losses to the congregations."

News reports have stated that in the last several decades this summer has been the hottest all around the world. This heat wave has created a new interest in air conditioning units from prowling criminals. Churches have been viewed as an easy targets. The criminals have been stealing the units to sell then for quick cash, as well as, stealing the copper tubing to sell to recycling plants for money. AS the heat wave continues your church or facility should be considering this as a new emerging threat. 

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