Friday, July 9

Church Fires and the NFPA

According to the National Fire Protection Association:

- An average of 1,300 church fires are reported each year, causing $38 million in property loss.

- The single most leading cause of church fires is arson (25%).

- Electrical Distribution (18%)

- Heating (12%)

Mechanical failures, which can be a result of multiple different causes follow church arson with a combined percentage of 30%. Faulty wiring and improperly functioning heating systems are often at fault, perhaps because they are in older structures and have not been brought up to local fire codes.

- Open Flames-Candles (12%)

- The remaining 33% of the fires were a result of miscellaneous events like acts of God (lightening) or other events.

- Of churches that reported fires, 65% had no smoke alarms and 96% had no sprinkler system.


  1. If the leading cause of fires is arson (25%), then 30% of 75% is due to mechanical failure?

  2. In an effort to clarify the above comment the original post has been clarified. Thank you for your feedback!