Saturday, July 17

Beefing up Security Measures at Church

"Sandine announced to his congregation on Sunday only the front doors and elevator doors will be open during church services--the rest are to be locked, and that's not all.

"We have changed the door locks. We have placed a peephole and a doorbell on the north side--that door will be locked while we're here," said Sandine.

Sandine says he wants people to feel like the church is open--but he also wants people to be safe.

75 percent of the churches do not have any security plan, and it's just reached a point where we have to change," said Sandine."

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This article does not cite where the 75% figure comes from; however, based on my research I would believe it to be true. Most churches do not have a security plan at all. The church in the article decided that they needed to start somewhere, so they did! 

You don't need to have a elaborate in-depth security assessment to start making changes. Look around your church and I am sure you can come up with a number of quick, easy, and free changes that will help secure your church more effectively. 

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