Tuesday, July 6

$1M Stolen From Church For Male Escorts

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WPIX) - A Roman Catholic priest was arrested and charged Tuesday, after he stole over $1 million from church funds to pay for a number of personal expenses including male escorts, authorities said.

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According to the Archdiocese in Connecticut several positive things have been done to rectify this issue. First off, it was the Archdiocese itself that turned in the Priest to the local authorities. It is good to know that the parent organization was pursuing justice rather than trying to protect itself. The Archdiocese also stated that it has formed a financial council to now oversee the funds of the church. Every church should have a type of financial council that look after it money. The Bible speaks extensively about the love of money and about the temptation that money can be. It is unwise for any church to place that temptation solely in the hands of one person.

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