Tuesday, July 27

$16,000 Goes Missing From Pastors Hiding Place

"Sometime between Sunday and Monday afternoon police say a local church was broken into and thousands of dollars was taken.

The burglary happened here at the Shilo Four Square Church off Holmes in Idaho Falls. The pastor says he had stashed $16 thousand dollars to pay for some work being done at his home and that someone took all that money."

There are a couple of things that I don't like about this article. Why did the pastor have $16,000 in cash? Why did he have this money hiding in the church and not secured in a safe? What does "stash" mean?

Your church needs to have strict rules when it comes to the handling of money. As a investigator I would be tempted to investigate this crime as a inside job off of the limited information that I have received. Protect your church and protect your leadership by having rules for how you will handle the churches money. 

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