Friday, June 25

"At first, the master key to the New Birth Baptist Church was missing.

Then, an iPhone, iPad and other random items – more than $1,300 worth – were taken from Bishop Eddie Long’s office.

The incident happened on June 13, according to a DeKalb police report obtained by the AJC. A security camera at the church on Woodrow Road in Lithonia caught most of it on videotape."

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This article is very fitting for me today. Yesterday was the launch of the new Apple iPhone-4. I decided to try to be one of those crazy guys and go early in the morning to get one. I was planning on meeting a friend about 45 minutes from my house to wait together. At 2:30am I received a text message from him telling me that there were already over 60 people in line at that location. Knowing I still had another 30 minutes to drive, I quickly changed my mind and got off at the next exit that had an Apple Store. I arrived to the Mall at 2:45am and was surprised that there was already 30 people in front of me waiting to get into the mall.  What I didn't know is that on the other side of the mall there were also hundreds of people waiting to get in as well. At 6:00am they decided to let 10 people at a time from each group, rotating back and forth. Once inside the mall two lines were formed. One for people who had pre-ordered the phone and one line for people like me who had not. The manager came out of the store and explained to use that all the people that pre-ordered the phone would have first priority in receiving them. 14 long hours later I left the mall with two iPhone 4's. This was a personal test of determination!

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