Sunday, May 9

Reader Backs Guns-in-Church Bill

The latest "Guns-in-Church" Bill that was recently defeated in Louisiana has been the center of much controversy across the country. A local news publication in Louisiana (The Advocate) published a letter to the editor which was a rebut-el to an earlier comment made agains guns in church. The writer of the letter brought up many good points to be considered. 

"I respectfully submit that there is nothing shocking or improper about enabling churches to enhance their own security as this bill does.

Perhaps he will concur that churches are sacred and sacrosanct places of worship and devotion to our Creator. Not everyone agrees with that. To criminals who ignore laws against carrying concealed weapons, robbery, rape and murder, churches are simply a target-rich cash collection source, or worse, victim disarmament zones like Columbine or Virginia Tech."

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