Thursday, May 27

Man Convicted of Killing Toddler at Church

WHEATON, Minn. (AP) ―"A 50-year-old man was found guilty Wednesday of killing a toddler while swinging a baseball bat at her stepfather inside a church – a fight that prosecutors said stemmed from an argument over a $20 debt and home appliances...Collins confronted Hankins at the back of the church while Hankins was trying to seat his daughter and began swinging the bat over Hankins' head, the charges state. Hankins grabbed a metal chair and managed to stave off several blows, but one hit his daughter in the head above her right ear, the according to the complaint. "

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Update: David Collins, of Wheaton, Minn. waived his right to a jury trial and was convicted of unintentional second-degree felony murder and second-degree assault. He was acquitted of intentional second-degree murder. His sentencing is scheduled for June 21. - AP

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