Sunday, May 23

ICSARM: 5 Quick Tips to Practicing a Proper Lock Down Procedure

Submitted by Kenneth C. Mitchell, Secure Church International

1. Remove students, staff, visitors and faculty from the threat. Announce clearly and concisely over the public address system, “LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN, ENTER YOUR PREDESIGNATED AREAS OF SAFETY IMMEDIATELY, WE ARE NOW INITIATING A LOCKDOWN PROCEDURE”.  This message should be repeated until all procedures and roll calls have been completed.

2. Above all, remain calm, professional and aware. Provide assistance to those who require it due to physical challenges, learning disabilities or communication barriers.

3. Lock and/or barricade doors to your predetermined “safe areas”, turn off projectors, draw curtains, turn off lights, remain calm and quiet. (This gives the appearance that the room is unoccupied)

4. Conduct an immediate head count or roll call and advise the LOCKDOWN OFFICER(S) of your situation. Do not respond to knocks on the doors, plea’s to open the doors or verbal commands of unknowns from the outside, without visual recognition.

5. Wait for the “ALL CLEAR” to be given by the LOCKDOWN OFFICER(S) and wait for instructions over the public address system. Assist all in your area of responsibility to the predetermined rally point, for debriefing and final instructions.

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