Monday, May 10

Church Secretary Charged with Theft

"A Seaford woman who worked as a financial secretary for a church was arrested last week for allegedly stealing money from the church, police said today...Seaford police spokesman Lt. Richard Jamison said investigators received information last month from officials at St. John’s Church on Pine Street that their financial secretary was allegedly using funds from church accounts."

Does your church have a procedure for checks and balances when it comes to its church finances? One recommendation is to hire an outside independent auditor to come in to your church to audit your financial records. It is my recommendation for this to be done quarterly or at a minimum once a year.

Hiring an auditor has multiple advantages for your church. It helps to keep people honest. The article above is a perfect example for why this is important. An auditor can serve your church in making sure that it is using its finances to its best ability. 

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