Wednesday, May 26

Church Floods After Theft of Lead Pipes

"Metal thieves have flooded a church in the Black Country for the second time after they stole lead piping from a neighbouring property...Retired former security worker Mr Deacon added: 'We make the church as secure as we can but we cannot do everything. We can try as hard as we like but if these thieves want to steal lead they will get over the wall and come anyway.' Before the thefts began, the church had erected metal gates with new padlocks in a bid to keep illegal metal thieves at bay."

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There has been a noticeable increase in the media of churches getting burglarizes for copper, lead and steal. This church took steps to correct the problem; however, the steps taken were not good enough to stop the criminals. It takes a long time to detach pipes and metal wiring from a building. My question in regards to this story is, "why did the church not purchase an alarm system"? For a small initial investment and low monthly cost, you church can have 24/7 protection from a event like this. A alarm system would have activated and notified the police. By doing a cost comparison this would have saved the church thousands of dollars compared to the damage done by these criminals.

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