Monday, May 17

Background Checks

Since my blog post last week on background checks, I have received several emails from churches looking for more information on this topic. I also received an email from a company who I did not include on my original list. I did not leave them off intentionally it was just that I had not previously been aware of their services before. After several phone conversations and lots of research I have decided that I like this new company the best.

I am currently working with them to set up a program to help sponsor this blog! Information on the company will be forthcoming shortly. Stay tune for more!!

Here is a little teaser on some of the things that I like about this company!

~They offer three different tiers of screening and their system recommends which one will be best based on the locations that the person being checked has previously lived. (This can save you money)

~ Their searches start at $3.95 and only go up to $17.95

~Your individual sales representative is a Christian and has grown up in a church so he understands your needs.

~Company offers other services such as drug screening if your church, facility or local jurisdiction requires this.

~Unlimited local jurisdiction searches are available with top tier package. (This means that if a crime has not made it to a national database you can still be notified about it)

~Searches include pictures, when available. This helps to rule out people who may have the same name as a person with a criminal record. (This happens quite often. As a police officer I have had to use tattoo marking to rule out subjects who may have had a felony warrant)

Much more to come!

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