Monday, May 31

Homeless or Con-Man?

I would love to hear some comments from my readers on what your viewpoint is in regards to giving money to the homeless. I just finished directing safety and security for the NEXT Conference in downtown Baltimore, MD. For those of you who have never been to Baltimore let me take a moment to paint a quick picture for you. Over the last few years Baltimore has been in a competition with Detroit to be the murder capitol of the country. Two blocks away from the convention center transforms into a low income, poverty stricken, high crime, drug infested inter city paradise.

This part of Baltimore is no stranger to conventions and conferences; however, having a event that brings 3,000 young Christians into this high crime environment is something that the residents of this area are not use to. It only took one person from the event to open up their wallet before the news got out among the community of downtown Baltimore that there was a Christian conference in town. The way this was translated to this community is that there is an event in town with easy young targets. Over the course of four days this was proven true. The “homeless” population increased around the convention center as each day passed. Stories of hardship and famine were told to conference attendees as they passed by. What the attendees did not know is the side of the stories that I observed…

As I watched over the crowd I noticed that each story was tailored to it audience. The stories changed and were altered as the days went on. Naive kids were swindled and coned out of money. Some of the money was stolen right out of their hands, while another was given a fake $100 bill in exchange for smaller real bills that was suppose to be needed for the “bus”. Story after story, and con after con, the attendees still pulled out their wallets and gave money.

So my question to you is should they have done this? How does the Bibles command to care for the homeless apply to this situation?

Sunday, May 30

Eight Steps to a Successful Protection Program


Eight Steps to a Successful Protection Program

By Martin A. “Tony” Zuniga, CPP – The Argent Group

The following is a brief list and overview of some of those elements needed for establishing a successful protection program:

1. Create a Protection Committee

2. Create a Culture of Awareness and Preparedness

3. Assess Potential Threats, Risks and Concerns

4. Perform a Security Assessment and Survey

5. Enhance Physical Security Measures

6. Establish Financial Control Measures

7. Ensure Safety of Youth and Children

8. Establish a Crisis Response Plan

Friday, May 28

Background Checks

In today’s world, the Church has experienced increasing physical opposition and hostility. These challenges are forcing Christian leaders to consider how to react in a biblical manner—fully embracing God’s sovereignty while simultaneously acknowledging and fulfilling their responsibilities as overseers. Because the local church must be faithful to meet together (Heb. 10:25), we must consider the wisdom of proper safety and security measures when assembling in today’s reality. (Statement from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

One way to accomplish this is to properly screen volunteers and employees who work at your facility. This is especially important for those who may be working with children. I have established a partnership with a company called IntelliCorp. After researching many of the background companies on the market I found that IntelliCorp offers one of the best products and the best price. Below is information about ItelliCorp and a listing of products that they offer. has set up a special program with IntelliCorp. For more information on products you can contact Alan Larkin Directly at 1-800-539-3717 ext. 109 or via web at 

Promotion Code: S@C001

Below Statements are from IntelliCorp (www.IntelliCorp.Net)

Nonprofit organizations must use reasonable care in the selection of applicants and volunteers to avoid opening the door for potential liability lawsuits and legal damages. We provide screening services and solutions specifically designed to benefit your nonprofit — providing you with the necessary information to determine if an applicant best fits your organization.
Realizing no two nonprofits are alike, we work closely with your nonprofit to create a unique screening program which meets the needs of your organization regardless of size. The information we provide can reveal whether an applicant has been convicted of a crime or engaged in any inappropriate act or activity. We'll help your nonprofit reduce the likelihood of theft, misconduct, and violence — and keep your organization safe by mitigating negligent selection.

Service and Solutions for your nonprofit

Our services and solutions, offered individually or in package form, provide you with the tools you need to mitigate risk and keep your organization safe:

Thursday, May 27

Man Convicted of Killing Toddler at Church

WHEATON, Minn. (AP) ―"A 50-year-old man was found guilty Wednesday of killing a toddler while swinging a baseball bat at her stepfather inside a church – a fight that prosecutors said stemmed from an argument over a $20 debt and home appliances...Collins confronted Hankins at the back of the church while Hankins was trying to seat his daughter and began swinging the bat over Hankins' head, the charges state. Hankins grabbed a metal chair and managed to stave off several blows, but one hit his daughter in the head above her right ear, the according to the complaint. "

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Update: David Collins, of Wheaton, Minn. waived his right to a jury trial and was convicted of unintentional second-degree felony murder and second-degree assault. He was acquitted of intentional second-degree murder. His sentencing is scheduled for June 21. - AP

Wednesday, May 26

Church Floods After Theft of Lead Pipes

"Metal thieves have flooded a church in the Black Country for the second time after they stole lead piping from a neighbouring property...Retired former security worker Mr Deacon added: 'We make the church as secure as we can but we cannot do everything. We can try as hard as we like but if these thieves want to steal lead they will get over the wall and come anyway.' Before the thefts began, the church had erected metal gates with new padlocks in a bid to keep illegal metal thieves at bay."

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There has been a noticeable increase in the media of churches getting burglarizes for copper, lead and steal. This church took steps to correct the problem; however, the steps taken were not good enough to stop the criminals. It takes a long time to detach pipes and metal wiring from a building. My question in regards to this story is, "why did the church not purchase an alarm system"? For a small initial investment and low monthly cost, you church can have 24/7 protection from a event like this. A alarm system would have activated and notified the police. By doing a cost comparison this would have saved the church thousands of dollars compared to the damage done by these criminals.

Tuesday, May 25

ICSARM: Lockdown Procedures, Plans, Policies & Practices

By Kenneth C. Mitchell, Secure Church International

The first thing I would like to do is praise God for the opportunity to be healthy enough to write this article. He is our Lord and Savior and is the guide for my tenacity to help everyone to become more aware of their surroundings and most of all, HAVE A PLAN!

Even as I write this article, I am in amazement that our society has become a place where someone like me has a calling to help protect our Pastors, Priest, Parishioners or Congregation. Head down, on your knees or hands raised in praise, evil is just a pace away. Our Lord will provide your safe guidance into heaven, but it is up to us to make sure we’re not there anytime sooner than he planned for us. I want to go over the importance of “LOCKDOWN” procedures, as it pertains to a school, daycare or church settings.

First and foremost, HAVE A PLAN, second of all HAVE A PLAN and finally HAVE A PLAN……get it?
We all have heard the old saying, “NO ONE EVER PLANS TO FAIL, THEY FAIL TO PLAN”, this cannot be more true than with “lockdown procedures”. This simple, yet extremely important action can save lives, limit liability and instill confidence in your staff. Yet, without well thought out and practiced procedures, it can hinder, cause panic and heighten incidents of potential disaster.

Recent and reoccurring events have led us to have a need to have such a procedure in place. This heightened awareness has made us all ultra sensitive to the safety and protection of our most valuable assets, our fellow human beings. Having a plan and practicing it on a regular basis creates a feeling of awareness, self confidence and professionalism. But this all has to be done with consistency. You can have the best formulated plan, pay hundreds of dollars for someone to come in and assist you in developing that plan, have charts, graphs, written procedures and a special place on your office shelf for that beautiful leather bound procedure manual, but if you do not practice, it will be a panicked reaction with everyone not knowing what to do.

Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes for perfect execution. Have fun with it, have your staff involved in every portion of the process, open dialogue. Have casual Thursday and make it a day of fellowship and practice, but take it serious and make it part of your routine. Execute roll playing, scenarios that are realistic, don’t work off of fear, work off of confidence. Let your staff know that if some unforeseen event takes place, they will have the know how and confidence to make sure that the crisis scenario they are witnessing unfolding in their presence, will be minimized and hopefully obverted, because of their dedication to the safety of their fellow Christians and their ability to react properly.

Monday, May 24

Security Guards at Church Stop Man with Gun

Pittsburgh, PA - "Parishioners spring into action Sunday morning at a Mount Oliver church where a man acting strangely brandished a gun...Parishioners said they are thankful that security guards stepped in to stop a situation from getting worse."

Additional research on this event showed that the man entered the church from a side door. Statements were made that he wanted to shoot his mother. Considering access control to your church facility is an important priority that should be made. If your church has multiple entry points evaluate if all of the doors need to remain unlocked from the exterior. Can you filter the congregation to one entry point into the church that would be easier to monitor and control? This story is a success for those who are in favor of having security at church during main meetings. 

Sunday, May 23

ICSARM: 5 Quick Tips to Practicing a Proper Lock Down Procedure

Submitted by Kenneth C. Mitchell, Secure Church International

1. Remove students, staff, visitors and faculty from the threat. Announce clearly and concisely over the public address system, “LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN, ENTER YOUR PREDESIGNATED AREAS OF SAFETY IMMEDIATELY, WE ARE NOW INITIATING A LOCKDOWN PROCEDURE”.  This message should be repeated until all procedures and roll calls have been completed.

2. Above all, remain calm, professional and aware. Provide assistance to those who require it due to physical challenges, learning disabilities or communication barriers.

3. Lock and/or barricade doors to your predetermined “safe areas”, turn off projectors, draw curtains, turn off lights, remain calm and quiet. (This gives the appearance that the room is unoccupied)

4. Conduct an immediate head count or roll call and advise the LOCKDOWN OFFICER(S) of your situation. Do not respond to knocks on the doors, plea’s to open the doors or verbal commands of unknowns from the outside, without visual recognition.

5. Wait for the “ALL CLEAR” to be given by the LOCKDOWN OFFICER(S) and wait for instructions over the public address system. Assist all in your area of responsibility to the predetermined rally point, for debriefing and final instructions.

Saturday, May 22

New Product Recommendation: TigerLight T100

Several weeks ago I was working-out at the gym. While on the treadmill an infomercial came onto the TV that really caught my attention. This infomercial was highlighting a product called the TigerLight T100. Three nights prior to this, the wives of two of my close friends from church were attacked while sitting in a car talking. The attack occurred right in front of one of their houses. This event really helped to highlight a need to me for a good self defense tool. Several years ago my father and I operated our own Martial Arts studio. We specialized in teaching women's self defense classes to different corporations around the area. Over the years we became very familiar with how to teach people to defend them selves from an attacker. After watching multiple videos about this product and then additional follow research I came to the conclusion that this product would be great for all our wives (and men) to carry. I also feel that the TigerLight T100 would be a great tool for members of a church security team who are looking for a multi-
purpose non-leathel product.

So w
hat is the TigerLight T100 and why and I taking the time to tell you about it? Below is information from their website along with a quick video outlining the product. After seeing that infomercial I contact this company and have since spoken with their president. We have set up a program to benefit this website for each TigerLight T100 that is sold from it. If you are interested please click on any of the links provided in order to help sponsor this project.

TigerLight® T100 Benefits

  • Catches attackers by surprise
  • Greater impact on breathing
  • Fits easily in your pocket or purse
  • Proven effective by police
  • Combines blinding light with pepper spray
  • Easy to use for ages 18-80, male or female
  • Looks like a flashlight or other handheld device
  • Sprays twice as hard and twice the volume per sec.

The Best Self Defense System

The TigerLight® T100 personal protection device combines high intensity light with built-in pepper spray for maximum effectiveness. Designed to spray out twice as hard, twice as fast and with twice the volume per second as the best pepper spray products on the market, TigerLight® T100 penetrates deeper into the pores of the skin and moves faster and deeper into the mouth and nose. Because of the element of surprise and speed of delivery, this self defense product causes a greater impact on the respiratory system, creating a more forceful stopping power than normally achieved with pepper spray canisters.

Take Control of Your Family’s Safety

Protect yourself and those you love from being injured or killed by an attacker. The TigerLight® T100 non-lethal defense system features the same technology used by police and the military to temporarily blind, disorient and incapacitate muggers and other aggressors. Its portable and lightweight design fits conveniently in your purse or pocket and is easy to carry while jogging, walking to your car at night, driving, hiking and much more! The TigerLight® T100 is even cleverly disguised to look like a flashlight, camera or other handheld device so you can catch your attacker by surprise and you don’t look like you are carrying a weapon

Support "Security at Church" by Ordering the TigerLight
T100 thru this Website and Blog!

Thursday, May 20

Statistical Crime Data for Your Sate and City

What’s the crime rate in your state or city? It is helpful to know statistics for the area that you live in and also for the area that your local church or facility is located. I came across a website today from a company called Protect America

Protect America offers a link to see statistical criminal information for your state. This information includes.

Burglary Crime
Murder Rate
Forcible Rapes
Aggravated Assault
Auto Thefts

They use data collected from The FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. From that data, they have provided a simple grading system so you can see how your state is doing quickly and easily. To calculate each security grade, they use a custom mathematical algorithm based on the per 100k ratio and rank compared to other cities.

Wednesday, May 19

Remembering Maryville Baptist and God's Sovereignty

Seventy-five religious leaders had met for a daylong workshop at Missouri Baptist University. This was in response to the horrible incident that took place at the First Baptist Church of Maryville more than a year ago, when a schizophrenic man walked into the sanctuary and shot pastor Fred Winters to death while he was preaching his sermon...If churches become like prisons or other institutions where entrance requires some form of clearance, they will have lost their credibility as places where God is present. It is one thing to keep the church doors locked when worship isn't taking place, but it's quite another when a service is under way.

This article brings up a great point and important topic for us to discuss. How much security is too much? I have talked with churches on both sides of this fence. Some want to lock all their doors during their service and others don’t understand why it is important to lock a door at all.

The below two paragraphs are an excerpt from Southern Seminary is Louisville, KY. It helps bring some insight to this topic.

“In 1 Peter 5:2, the spiritual leader is exhorted to “exercise oversight.” While we rightly see this text as primarily about spiritual oversight, we must also acknowledge that physical oversight is not outside of the spiritual leader’s responsibility. In fact, spiritual leaders must provide a safe environment for worship so that the purpose of the Lord’s church will not be hindered.

In today’s world, the Church has experienced increasing physical opposition and hostility. These challenges are forcing Christian leaders to consider how to react in a biblical manner—fully embracing God’s sovereignty while simultaneously acknowledging and fulfilling their responsibilities as overseers. Because the local church must be faithful to meet together (Heb. 10:25), we must consider the wisdom of proper safety and security measures when assembling in today’s reality.”

Tuesday, May 18

House of Worship Gun Bill Passed in Louisiana

"Guns should be allowed in houses of worship as a way to protect congregants from attacks, if the pastor or head of the religious body approves, lawmakers said Wednesday… Burns said the bill is "a matter of choice" and leaves it up to each synagogue, mosque or church to decide whether to implement it. "

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This bill was defeated in its original form earlier this month; however, a few changes were made and it has now passed the Louisiana House. This is a big win for churches in Louisiana who are wishing to implement a security team. Other states may have similar laws and this will help provide president for those states to use to their benefit. It is important to note that many states already allow for weapons to be carried in Houses of Worship with proper credentials.

Monday, May 17

Background Checks

Since my blog post last week on background checks, I have received several emails from churches looking for more information on this topic. I also received an email from a company who I did not include on my original list. I did not leave them off intentionally it was just that I had not previously been aware of their services before. After several phone conversations and lots of research I have decided that I like this new company the best.

I am currently working with them to set up a program to help sponsor this blog! Information on the company will be forthcoming shortly. Stay tune for more!!

Here is a little teaser on some of the things that I like about this company!

~They offer three different tiers of screening and their system recommends which one will be best based on the locations that the person being checked has previously lived. (This can save you money)

~ Their searches start at $3.95 and only go up to $17.95

~Your individual sales representative is a Christian and has grown up in a church so he understands your needs.

~Company offers other services such as drug screening if your church, facility or local jurisdiction requires this.

~Unlimited local jurisdiction searches are available with top tier package. (This means that if a crime has not made it to a national database you can still be notified about it)

~Searches include pictures, when available. This helps to rule out people who may have the same name as a person with a criminal record. (This happens quite often. As a police officer I have had to use tattoo marking to rule out subjects who may have had a felony warrant)

Much more to come!

Sunday, May 16

Highway Patrol Offers Church Security Training

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - "The Missouri Highway Patrol has developed a church security program, and is offering a free training session...The highway patrol says for generations, church services have been considered a safe haven for worship...However, throughout the country, and more specifically in Missouri, the need for churches to enhance their security measures has been magnified."

There has been an increase over the last two years in local police jurisdictions seeing the need for church security. Events like the one mentioned above are becoming more common throughout the country. Check with your local police department to see if they have any programs specific to your local area.  If they don’t, then you can ask to speak with a community liaison officer and suggest that the police department look into hosting an event. This is a good opportunity for you to offer your church building for the event. If you are even in need of help from the police you will want them to be familiar with the interior of your building. Don’t let an emergency be the first time they see inside your facility. 

Saturday, May 15

Church Shooting - Oregon

It took a few days for this story to make national news; however, I came across it last night. According to Carl Chinn (church security statistician) this is the 16th death this year in relation to a church crime!

LOWELL, Ore. – “One person is dead after a fatal shooting in Lowell, Ore., Wednesday night…Shots were fired at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Pioneer Street.” 

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Friday, May 14

Lock up your Gear!

The below picture is of a storage system that I found online. Many churches that I have worked with have developed a similar type of system for their facilities. The general idea is to have a security cage to lock up your valuable musical equipment. You can establish multiple different policies that work well for your congregation. Some suggestions are to place a pad lock on the cage and only allow one or two people to have access to it. If someone needs their equipment then they would have to work through one of the key holders. Another way would be to put a combination lock on the door and give to code to all musical related employees or staff. In this scenario it might be a good idea to change to combination on a regular rotation.

Here is a list of a few places to check out:

Thursday, May 13

Help Spread The Word

I wanted to take a moment and ask my readers for help in spreading the message of church safety and security.  This is a relatively new topic for churches across America. Safety and security is one of the main topics that churches tend to overlook. It is unfortunate that this needs to be an area of concern; however, the reality is that churches all over America are experiencing thefts, fires, assaults, break-ins, kidnapping, sexual predators, shootings, stabbings, and alike.

I started this blog due to a passion for the topic of Church Safety and Security. I have worked in the fields of Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, and Medical Emergency Services almost my entire life. These positions have included jobs with private corporations, as well as, local, state, and federal governments. I am currently employed by one of the leading federal law enforcement agencies in Washington, DC. I always strive to present the most accurate information in a way that will be helpful to you and your congregations.

It the next several months my plan is to expand and improve this blog into a resource based website to continue to include daily blog post like you currently see. I need the help of my readers to get this message out to churches across America. If you have a blog or if your church has a website please post something about what is going on at We would love for you to post a link to our site to help generate traffic and interest to this topic. If you would like a banner or logo for your site just send me an email at

I also want to draw your attention to the link below. In July “Security at Church” will be co-sponsoring the first national Vigilance Church Security Conference. Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY is hosting this event. Leading speakers from across the country will be speaking on the topic of church security.

Wednesday, May 12

Fire Destroys Houston Church

HOUSTON - "A Wednesday morning fire guts a Northeast Houston church that's been a neighborhood fixture for decades...Houston Firefighters say they got the call at about 2:30 a.m. As they fought the flames, three quarters of the roof of the building caved in. Only the roof of the sanctuary is left relatively in tact. Arson investigators spent hours looking for and gathering evidence at the scene, but have not determined whether the fire was accidental or intentional."

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Tuesday, May 11

Musicians Charged in Georgia church Break-Ins

ATLANTA — "Two gospel singers are facing multiple charges after authorities say they played uplifting music for several Georgia churches, then stole some $100,000 worth of speakers, microphones and other musical equipment"

Does your church lock up and inventory its music equipment? My research has determined that music equipment is the most common stolen item from local churches. These items are the most valuable and easiest to pawn for quick cash. Make sure that your church has a accurate record of all its equipment to include photographs, model and serial numbers. 

Monday, May 10

Church Secretary Charged with Theft

"A Seaford woman who worked as a financial secretary for a church was arrested last week for allegedly stealing money from the church, police said today...Seaford police spokesman Lt. Richard Jamison said investigators received information last month from officials at St. John’s Church on Pine Street that their financial secretary was allegedly using funds from church accounts."

Does your church have a procedure for checks and balances when it comes to its church finances? One recommendation is to hire an outside independent auditor to come in to your church to audit your financial records. It is my recommendation for this to be done quarterly or at a minimum once a year.

Hiring an auditor has multiple advantages for your church. It helps to keep people honest. The article above is a perfect example for why this is important. An auditor can serve your church in making sure that it is using its finances to its best ability. 

Sunday, May 9

Reader Backs Guns-in-Church Bill

The latest "Guns-in-Church" Bill that was recently defeated in Louisiana has been the center of much controversy across the country. A local news publication in Louisiana (The Advocate) published a letter to the editor which was a rebut-el to an earlier comment made agains guns in church. The writer of the letter brought up many good points to be considered. 

"I respectfully submit that there is nothing shocking or improper about enabling churches to enhance their own security as this bill does.

Perhaps he will concur that churches are sacred and sacrosanct places of worship and devotion to our Creator. Not everyone agrees with that. To criminals who ignore laws against carrying concealed weapons, robbery, rape and murder, churches are simply a target-rich cash collection source, or worse, victim disarmament zones like Columbine or Virginia Tech."

Saturday, May 8

Background Check Companies

Below is a list of background check companies. This list was made possible by a friend who spent multiple hours researching different options from across the country. I have a spreadsheet which outlines and compares the differences of each company. If you are interested send me an email request at and I will forward you the information.

Vista Int'l Research
Atlanta, Ga.
LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Memphis, Tenn.
Protect My Ministry
Lutz, Fla.
** As low as $8 if prepay $1,500. Unused prepay amount will roll over to next year.
Note: This is a faith-based ministry.
Nashville, Tenn.
Secure Search
Castle Rock, Colo.
On Target Screening, Inc.
Indianapolis, Ind.
Note: This is a faith-based ministry.
Accurate Background
Lake Forest, Calif.
Tulsa, Okla.

Friday, May 7

Church armed-security measure fails to pass House (Louisiana)

"The House (Louisiana) failed Thursday to pass a bill to allow those who have qualified to carry concealed weapons to tote them to their places of worship as part of a sanctioned security detail..."Times have changed," Burns said, referring to shootings at houses of worship in recent years....He said his bill is designed to give church officials a chance to allow weapons at their worship sites as a way of protecting innocent worshipers from criminals."

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Pastor vs. Thief

The below video is a news clip of a Pastor who took security into his own hands. I would not recommend this approach but the video is work watching!

Thursday, May 6

$1,000 Reward in Church Burglary Case

(Cullman, AL) "WIAT- Is nothing sacred? That's the sentiment in Cullman County where burglars hit eight churches in one night. Sheriff Tyler Roden says they're stealing and doing damage in the process."

Tuesday, May 4

Published Article with the Institute for Church Safety and Risk Management, LLC

FEATURED ARTICLE (From: The Sword and the Shield)

By Brian Gallagher
Vigilance: Rebuilding Prospective on Safety and Security

What is Vigilance and why should you consider attending this conference? Vigilance is an innovative event that is being sponsored and promoted by Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY.  This event is designed to rebuild the perspective on safety and security in Christian churches, organizations, and institutions.

On March 8, 2009, Pastor Fred Winters of The First Baptist Church of Maryville in Illinois was shot dead by a violent attack during a worship service at his local church. Pastor Winters was a graduate of the The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Following this event, Southern Seminary felt compelled to fill a gap and provide educational training on the topic of safety and security.
I Peter 5:2 exhorts Christian leaders to “Shepherd the flock” and to “exercise oversight” for those in their care. I, along with Southern, believe that this oversight is not just spiritual but physical as well. The shepherd carried both a rod and a staff. The staff was to guide the sheep back onto the safe path, while the rod was to strike away enemies that were approaching. Whether you are a church pastor, a business leader, or a member of a local church you are commanded by Scripture to be vigilant in protecting those who are in your fold.
Vigilance is an opportunity to equip you to carry out that command. This conference will be filled with pertinent and practical information to help you provide better safety and security for your church, conference, or religious institutions. You won’t want to miss this three day event, July 20-22, 2010, at Southern Seminary.  There will be four plenary sessions with thirty-five separate seminars. Speakers are coming from all corners of the country and represent local, state and federal governments, along with top tier private organizations.

If you are looking for pragmatic information on how to enhance the security of your particular community or if you are just interested in hearing seminary level instruction on what the Bible says about this topic, you should plan to attend this event. Registration and additional information is available at

Brian Gallagher has worked in the fields of Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, and Medical Emergency Services for more than a decade. These positions have included jobs with private corporations, as well as, local, state, and federal governments. Brian is currently employed in Washington, D.C. with one of the countries leading federal law enforcement agencies. Brian specializes in personal protection and venue security. He has a passion for the topic of Church Safety and Security and is working hard to make a difference for churches and pastors across the country. Brian is a member of Sovereign Grace Ministries and has directed security for multiple national conferences to include “Together for the Gospel” and “NEXT” (formally New Attitude). You can view his blog at .

The above article was published in the weekly addition of  "The Sword and the Shield" which is a newsletter from the Institute for Church Safety and Risk Management, LLC. Click on the link to find out more about this great organization.