Friday, April 2

Vigilance Church Security Conference - Tommy Ishmael

Maryville Church Shooting Case Study - Tommy L. Ishmael
This presentation will cover the events of March 8, 2009 at First Baptist Church of Maryville Il and the murder of Senior Pastor Fred Winters.  It begins with a routine early morning Southern Baptist church service and other activities in progress,  works through the actual shooting itself (will not disclose issues still in criminal litigation) and concludes with the incident resolution, lessons learned and church recovery from this hostile act.

Tommy L. Ishmael
Tommy L. Ishmael is an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) program manager for the United States Air Force at Scott AFB in Illinois. He is a bomb disposal expert by trade with over 32 years of bomb disposal and emergency management experience. He has extensive training in disarming nuclear weapons, biological and chemical ordnances, and homemade and terrorist bombs. He advises the U.S. military on bomb threats, disaster preparedness and vulnerability assessment issues and provides technical advice to local, state and federal authorities at all levels. Tommy is enrolled in the Southern Seminary master of arts in theological studies (MATS) program, he has a bachelor of science in Business Administration, an associate of science in Disaster Preparedness and an associate of science in Aircraft Armament Systems. His church home is First Baptist Church of Maryville, Ill., where he has previously served as the security program director. Tommy now volunteers as a security technical advisor to his church security team and works in defense for pastoral and altar security. He is married to Robin Birdwell Ishmael and enjoys camping, hunting, fishing and his church family.

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