Thursday, April 1

Vigilance Church Security Conference - Adam Houghton

Keeping It Legal - Adam Houghton
This class is intended to help the student become aware of legal and technical issues surrounding the complex decision to protect their facility from a dynamic, violent and life threatening incident.  We will be discussing criminal liability as well as some considerations that must be understood before undertaking higher levels of security.  This class will help the student understand why it is increasingly important to consider  your church’s vulnerability and how to better provide a safe place for people to worship.

Adam Houghton
Adam Houghton was a police officer serving in the Louisville area for over 20 years. He was the primary firearms instructor for the Jefferson County Police department. Additionally he served as the head defensive tactics instructor, fitness instructor and basic academy drill instructor. Adam served as a member of the Jefferson County Police Departments SWAT team and later the Louisville Metro Police Departments SWAT team after a merger of the departments. Adam was the primary point operator for 12 years and served as the team’s tactical commander for another six years. Adam has instructed police officers throughout the region in shooting, active shooter tactics, defensive tactics, fitness and swat tactics.
Adam currently resides with his family in northwest Montana and works at the Pinehaven Christian Children’s ranch teaching physical education and health to kids in need.

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