Sunday, April 11

Thieves Steal Copper Pipes from Church

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KIRO-TV "reports that members of Grace Missionary Baptist Church were preparing for a mens' breakfast Friday night when they noticed the toilets weren't flushing. There was also no water from the faucets...Parishioner Dan Gardner says they could hear water somewhere. But when he looked under the church's crawl space, he discovered that all the copper pipes had been taken."

If you were reading my blog for the first time you may be surprised by this article. Why would thieves steal copper pipes from a church? The reality is similar to so may other crimes, this one is becoming common for churches across America. It is easy to point to the economy as the cause for this type of crime. It may be true that there has been an increase in thefts of building materials, but this has been occurring long before the financial collapse. 

When I checked the market this morning copper is currently trading at $3.58 a pound. Stealing your pipes and wiring is a quick way to make a buck! Another common theme that I have seen over the last year has been people stealing the copper coils out of air-conditioning units. 

Exterior cameras and proper lighting can be a perfect deterrent. 

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