Friday, April 23

Teenager Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Child in Sunday School

"Andrew C. Glidwell, 19, of Hendersonville, plead guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual battery. He was sentenced to nine years to serve at 100 percent for each count, which will run consecutively...Glidwell was a part-time teacher at the First United Methodist Church in Hendersonville’s Children First program, where the crimes occurred. According to the prosecution, Glidwell approached the girl on three separate occasions while the she was sleeping to make sexual advances."

What are you churches policies on children's programs at your church?

Do you screen your volunteers?

Do they go through a background check?

Do you have a rule that keeps two adults with the children at all times?

Do you have a policy that prevents the opposite sex (or a single person) from taking a child to the bathroom alone?

Do you allow your help to physically disciple children?

Do you have a camera system that can be used as a checks and balance? 

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