Tuesday, April 27

Best Practices for Securing a Parking Lot or Garage

Joe Wenzel published an article in Security Magazine today related to "Best Practices for Securing a Parking Lot or Garage" Listed below are several of the items he highlighted.
  • Keeping all areas, especially stairwells, adequately illuminated.
  • Providing intercom call stations for stranded patrons or patrons requiring assistance.
  • Providing alarm stations that immediately summon security to the alarm station location (this is used predominately on university campuses).
  • Providing well-illuminated shelters for waiting patrons.
  • Providing intuitive directional instruction signs to areas, levels, terminals, shuttle stops, etc.
  • Designing parking lots and structures that minimize the distance required for the patron to access their vehicle, thus reducing the time spent outside their vehicle.
  • Installing CCTV systems (e.g. video surveillance) that are regularly monitored.
  • Displaying notifications about each facility’s safety measures (e.g. “This Facility is Under 24 Hour Surveillance”).
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