Wednesday, April 7

Be Proactive, NOT Reactive!!

In looking through the headlines today, I came across the below linked article. Like so many other stories that I have posted this article involves a church who has been broken into and robbed. There was one particular sentence that really jumped out at me.

"A recent burglary at the Zion United Lutheran Church in Brodheadsville will lead church leaders to re-examine the possibility of installing a security system, said church pastor"

In talking with multiple churches I have found it common that many of them have actually considered a security or camera system in the past. It was a common to find out that the majority of them have decided against purchasing these systems because they did not feel like it was a priority to spend the money.

It is not until tragedy strikes that they consider the  purchase to be a priority. Unfortunately, after the crime has occurred is to late. 

We should learn from the experiences of others. Do not relay on being reactive in your approach to security. A Proactive approach will be the best deterrent in deflecting crime from your church.

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