Tuesday, March 30

Vigilance Church Security Conference - Bob Heaton

Effective communications for your church or school – Bob Heaton 

What happens when you have a medical emergency at your facility? What if there is a security threat at your school or church. How to coordinate the correct response, both internal and from the appropriate Fire, Law Enforcement, or EMS agency? We will explore what is needed to create and maintain your own dispatch center, whether it is a dedicated staff 24/7 or just a designated person to call 911. Know the information that the 911 dispatchers will be asking for.Listen to real 911 calls. Implement current public safety dispatch and Incident Command concepts into your current operation.

Bio: Bob Heaton

Bob Heaton has a combined total of 18 years in public safety. Bob began his career as an emergency medical technician working on an ambulance in various communities of Los Angeles County, where he was born and raised. In 1998, he transitioned from working in the field to working behind the scenes in dispatch. In 2000, he became a dispatcher for The Los Angeles County Fire Department and then in 2001 transferred to the Ventura County Fire Department where he currently is a shift supervisor in the Regional Fire/Ems Communications Center.

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