Sunday, March 28

Vigilance Church Security Conference - Michael Boutot

Insurance/Workers Comp – Peter Persuitti and Michael Boutot 

What is adequate insurance? What are the critical factors for determining the best coverage and terms / conditions? How much is it price? How does the adage “you get what you pay for” work here? How does a church evaluate an agent or broker? What is the role of the Finance Council in insurance transactions? How might a church advocate its risk management position with underwriters? What is the impact of a mod study on your workers compensation and why is it important? What does it mean to endow your property & casualty insurance program? What are the advantages of pooling with others? What is a hard market and how does the local church best prepare for that?

Michael Boutot was ordained in December 1983 after graduating from Southwest Baptist University with a bachelor of arts in Bible & Biblical Languages. Michael also attended Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky., and Birmingham Theological Seminary. In May 2009, he founded the Institute for Church Safety & Risk Management, LLC (ICSARM). He is also the founder of the non-profit group the National Association for the Prevention of Crimes Against Churches or NAPCAC, a group designed to assist churches dealing with the impact of crime against them.
Michael has served on several task forces and organizations for the purpose of standardizing litigation handling and legal billing guidelines. He has published several articles relative to litigation, litigation management and risk management, and is a regular speaker at various insurance and legal conferences across the country. He is a featured writer for the International Risk Management Institute, Inc., serving as an Expert Commentator in the area of litigation management and also church risk management. Michael also manages a Church Risk Management industry session for the Risk & Insurance Management Society (RIMS).

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