Saturday, March 27

vigilance Church Security Conference - Chuck Chadwick

Video surveillance: The Devil's in the Details - Chuck Chadwick 

Video surveillance is the hottest thing in church security market today. From Childcare areas to the Main auditorium churches are jumping on board to take advantage of this great technology. Building “Master Control Rooms" and real -time monitoring of multi-campus sites are among the more sophisticated endeavors. Chuck Chadwick will explain the details that can make you video surveillance system a boon or bust. Lens selection, compression methods, image resolution and frame rates are all explained to give you the extra intel you need when selecting and designing these system.

As founder and president of National Organization of Church Security and Safety Managements, Inc. (NOCSSM), the nation’s oldest and largest church security organization; Chuck Chadwick helps churches of all sizes address the “best practices” of church security. As a provider of church security services to some of the largest churches in the nation through his organization Gatekeepers Security Services, Chuck keeps “in the trenches” of mega-church security. His national church security conferences have been given across the nation with tremendous accolades.

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