Friday, March 26

vigilance Church Security Conference - Carl Chinn

Ministry Violence Research - Carl Chinn 

Carl Chinn began researching for his book regarding concepts for security at faith-based organizations (A Strong Tower) in 1999. Much of that research has been developing an understanding of common ministry incidents, and considering details of those occurrences in ways that security teams can learn from. As a result his website has been credited by many as being the most comprehensive study of “Deadly Force Incidents at Faith-Based Organizations” available. This presentation is an overview of the findings of that data.

Lightning Strikes Twice (The Story of the Gunman/Hostage Incident at Focus on the Family, May 1996) - Carl Chinn 

This session will be a summary overview of the planning actions prior to, and response actions during two significant attacks on ministries in Colorado Springs. The first occurred on May 2nd, 1996 when a gunman entered Focus on the Family, threatening to blow up the facility and taking hostages. 11 years later, and just 3 1⁄2 miles north another gunman entered New Life Church killing two people in the parking lot before being stopped by effective security efforts in the building. Chinn played a key role in the pre-incident emergency planning at both ministries and was an initial responder in both incidents. Chinn presents on plan development and shares first-hand recounts of those criminal attacks.

Bio: Carl Chinn

Carl Chinn is a consultant, writer and speaker on the subject of security in faith-based organizations. As such he has written many Emergency Action Plans and served on, or managed the teams to operate them. He maintains related information on his website.

Colorado Springs, Colorado is known as the “Evangelical Capital” by those who value that label, as well as many who loathe it. Consequently there have been two significant attacks on ministries there in recent years — the gunman / hostage incident at Focus on the Family in 1996, and the New Life Church shooting in 2007. Carl Chinn was directly involved in both incidents.

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