Wednesday, February 17

Practical Jokes, Skits and Church Security

Many times Pastors and Preachers will use humor to make a point. Churches will also use drama and skits to help illustrated a theme or topic. After the shooting at Maryville Baptist Church in Illinois an attendee commented to the press that they though the whole thing was a skit before they realized it was really happening. I was thinking today that it would be a real tragedy if a Church decided to play a joke or use a skit that involved a weapon and instinctively an attendee reacted with force. A church does not always know who is in attendance. It may be an off-duty police officer passing by as a guest or a long time church patron with a gun permit and permission to carry.

It is a sad fact but a reality that one must view church similar to how one views an airline in a post 9/11 world. The reality in both situations is that crime is occurring and it needs to be stopped at times with force.

So let this be a plea to all churches NOT to use weapons or crime in a skits or plays that may catch an onlooker off-guard by mistake. 

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