Monday, February 1

10 Baptist Church Members Detained in Haiti

Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Haitian police yesterday arrested 10 American Baptist Church members as they tried to bus 33 orphaned children across the border into the Dominican Republic allegedly without proper documentation, a spokesman for the Central Valley Baptist Church said.

Thousands of church goers have flocked to Haiti to provided assistance to victims of this most resent tragedy. The majority of the people i speak with know at least one person who has travel to this country to offer support. This article is an important reminder to all those who may be in the country to remember that regardless of the tragedy that has occurred the Haitian Government is still in force. The United States Government is play a major role in the recovery act provided on the ground; however, this is still a foreign nation and those who are their helping are still subject to their laws. 

I do not know the full details of this story. I am not implying that the individuals in question are indeed wrong. I am using their example as a warning for all those who may be traveling abroad to keep this story in mind while making decisions on your course of action. 

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