Thursday, January 14

Two Baptist Churches, One Small Town

Two Baptist churches in one small town… One church was the victim of car break-in while the other was the victim of a stray bullet. One incident may have been preventable while the other a random act of violence or just simple stupidity.

Does your church have a parking crew or security team assigned to monitor your parking lot? If not think about how you can start off small. Is there a member of your church who would be willing to volunteer to walk your parking lot once or twice during the church service?

Criminals normally want to strike easy targets. Many times they are also smarter then we give credit for. Most criminals will check out or conduct surveillance their targets multiple times people carrying out their crime. It only takes getting caught once to end their malicious activities.

By patrolling your parking lots and the exterior of your building you are providing a visual deterrence for anyone who may be considering do wrong to your property. This is a small task that can provide great rewards!

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