Saturday, January 30

Putting on Your Seatbelt...

The biggest push back that I receive regarding security in a church setting is that many people think that you are not trusting in the Lord if you are being proactive with safety and security concerns. 

I am sure that everyone reading this blog has either driven or has been a passenger in a car before. Instinctively, every time I get into a car I put on my seat belt. I do this out of habit not only because is it the law, but also because it is a wise way to stay safe. To date, I have been in three car accidents in my lifetime. By God’s grace all of which were not life threatening; however, they were serious enough to allow me to take several trips to the emergency room. Each and everyday that I awake I pray to the Lord and ask him to protect me and my family. When I get into a car I am completely trusting that the Lord will protect me. I am also taking a practical step to stay safe and be responsible by putting on my seatbelt. In all three accidents, the Lord did protect me. Each one could have killed me. The Lord used His might through things such as my seatbelt, air bags, and the good construction of my vehicles to keep me from getting hurt more. If it was the Lords will for this not to happen then anything that I tried to due would have failed. Similar to putting on your seat belt in your car, you also need to take precautions at your local church. You need to pray and trust in the Lord everyday for him to protect you and your congregation. You also need to be diligent and put your seatbelt on, as you find ways to make your church more safe and secure. 

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