Thursday, January 28

Church Security Website Launched

Nehemiah 4 is a story about vigilance.

"The people of God were facing opposition to their temple rebuilding project. They trusted in God to fight for them as they wielded their weapons to defend the building project of the place of the presence of God. They worked spear, sword, or bows in hand.

In our day and age, the Church has come against increasing opposition and antagonism where many are considering how to react biblically. Because Christians understand the importance of proclaiming the word of God to the people of God, we must consider the wisdom of proper safety and security measures. Much as the people of Nehemiah’s day needed to rebuild the walls of the temple, so we need to rebuild perspective about safety and security among the gathering places of God’s people. Not only will this conference address the variety of common threats to safety and security, it will also seek to equip pastors, leaders, teachers, and volunteers to handle a myriad of potential dangerous and emergency situations.

Southern Seminary has researched and invited a number of the top names to address these crucial topics. We hope you will join us for this important conference and consider how you can improve and reconsider your perspective on safety and security."


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