Monday, December 20

FBI Reports Crime is down

Washington (CNN) -- Violent crime in the United States dropped markedly in the first half of 2010, according to FBI statistics released Monday.

Overall violent crime fell 6.2% from the same period last year, according to the report, and the new numbers include a 7.1% decrease in homicide.

Friday, December 3


FAITH-BASED GROUPS GET STIMULUS FUNDS -- Ben Smith and Byron Tau: “The stimulus bought the Castleton United Methodist Church in Indianapolis a new heating and cooling system. In Laramie, Wyo., it bought the Church of St. Laurence O'Toole new windows for the Catholic school it runs. … [A]n analysis by POLITICO found that at least $140 million in stimulus money has gone to faith-based groups, the result of an unpublicized White House decision to spend government money, where legal, supporting religiously-inspired nonprofit groups. … In an aggressive attempt at outreach, federal agencies, in conference calls and online seminars, instructed faith-based groups on how to apply for the grants, and federal officials sometimes stepped in when the state officials who distribute the money were reluctant to spend it on groups associated with churches and other religious establishments.”

From Mike Allen's Politico Playbook

Boston Man Arrested for Church Burglaries

"Police have arrested a Boston man believed to be responsible for at least two of the recent church burglaries in the city, authorities said.

Richard Shiner, 44, was apprehended yesterday at about 10 a.m. on Boylston Street between Tremont and Washington streets, Boston police said in a statement. Shiner will be charged with burglary and larceny from a building in connection with recent break-ins at St. Leonard’s Church in the North End and St. Anthony’s Shrine in Downtown Crossing, police said."

Wednesday, November 24

Back to Church to Rob Again and Again

"A spate of church burglaries in suburban Oregon and another in San Francisco has prompted tightened security around houses of worship, including ramped up patrols and high tech surveillance equipment. The extra measures resulted in the arrest of a suspect in six church robberies in Springfield, Oregon, a town neighboring Eugene...."

Tuesday, November 23

Crime Stoppers: Two Church Break-ins

Lynchburg, VA - In this week's Crime Stoppers report, Lynchburg Police need your help finding whoever broke into two churches early Tuesday morning.

They say sometime between 2:00 – 3:00 a.m. the front glass door was damaged at the Church of Prophecy on Garfield Avenue.

No items have been reported missing.

There were several items taken from the Change Me Ministries and Fellowship Church on Fort Avenue.

The pastor discovered damage to the front glass door Tuesday morning.

The suspects stole a stereo system and keyboard, as well as some clothing.

If you have any information, call or text Crime Stoppers at 888-798-5900 or text CVCS and your message to 274637.

Saturday, November 13

Thief Steals Cash from Woman's Purse in Church

COOKEVILLE -- "A thief stole cash out of a purse in a church last Wednesday night, police said.

It happened at Collegeside Church of Christ on East 9th St. between 7:50 p.m. and 8:10 p.m., says a report by Cookeville Police Officer Brian Long.

The victim told the officer she was waiting in a church hallway near the gym for a family member. She placed her purse on a table and turned away for a short time talking to other church members. When she returned to get her purse, it was gone."

Click to Read More from the Herald Citizen

The above article represents one of my pet peeve's in relation to church security. I can not count how many times I have observed someone walk into church and place their purse or bag down on a chair or table and then just walk away. The above article states that the person just "turned around"; however, more times then not people will walk away from their belongings. 

The church setting can provide a false sense of security for some. Thieves know and understand this and will look these settings to take advantage of. Some thieves may make it a regular practice to attend a church to learn how they function and then when the time is right strike. 

My recommendation would be to make it your churches policy that members do not leave items unattended. This is for their own security and yours as well. You never know what is in that back and you would not want someone to place something like a bomb inside of one and just walk away. Similarly you would not want someone to leave their purse or bag and have a predator steal money, credit cards, cell phones, laptops, or any other item of value. 

Friday, November 12

Thursday: Late Night Church Fire in Memphis

"Memphis firefighters battled a two-alarm fire Thursday night at Divine Temple Church, 4360 S. Third.

Flames were shooting out the top of the one-story wooden structure at about 9:40 p.m. as firefighters sprayed water and appeared to be controlling the blaze, which was first reported at 8:51 p.m.

Memphis Fire Department spokesman Lt. Wayne Cooke said it appeared the church was empty when the fire broke out and no injuries had been reported. Cooke said the fire was almost contained just before 10 p.m."

Monday, November 8

Warning Signs of a Dangerous Letter or Package

Do you know the warning signs of a potentially dangerous letter or package? And what to do if you come across one? 

According to a guide by the FBI - Click Here for FBI Guide Website
Information Below from the FBI:
First, be suspicious if you come across mail/packages with:

  • Protruding wires or strange odors
  • Excessive tape or string
  • Oily spots, discolorations, or crystallization on the wrapper
  • Excessive postage
  • Addressing mistakes and issues, including misspelled words, badly typed or written addresses, wrong titles with names, no return addresses, etc
Second, if you do see one or more of these tell-tale signs, you should:

  • Stop…don't handle the item
  • Isolate it immediately
  • Don't open, smell, or taste it
  • Activate your emergency plan and notify a supervisor

Saturday, November 6

Bomb Squad Called to Church

TEMPLE CITY, Calif.—Authorities say a report of a possible explosive device at a Temple City church turned out to be a box filled with BB guns and a fake grenade 

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Does your church have a plan for a suspicious package or letter?

Monday, November 1

Best Practices for Mail Center Security

In light on the recent CONFIRMED attempted terrorist attack on Houses of Worship within the United States of America, I encourage all of you to review your policy for handling mail and packages that are sent to your facility. Below is a clip from the United States Postal Service, along with a link for recommendations for "Best Practices for Mail Center Security"

"There are millions of businesses that use the mail. The vast majority of these have only 'one to a few' person(s) responsible for mail center-type operations. Of these millions of businesses, there are thousands of large, complex corporate mail center operations. The best practices listed below are a summary of well-developed mail center security procedures that can be used by any mail center.Procedures applicable primarily to large mail centers are identified as such, and in bold.

These recommendations come from businesses that use the mail and have been shared with the USPS for distribution to its customers. Since needs and resources are often different, every suggestion may not apply to all businesses. Mailers should determine which are appropriate for their company and conduct periodic security reviews of their operation to identify needed improvements. The list below contains general security concepts and a few specific examples of how to accomplish them."

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Friday, October 29


President Obama confirms that two of the packages destined for Chicago places of worship did in fact have explosive material in them. DHS is taking steps to enhance safety of air travel...

Security Alert for Synagogues and Churches in Chicago

"Suspect packages from Yemen destined for religious institutions in Chicago unleashed an international security alert Friday as investigators swept US cargo planes for possible Al-Qaeda bombs...US authorities warned Jewish leaders in Chicago of a threat against synagogues in the city, which reportedly could be part of the suspected plot."

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Wednesday, October 27

Tries Slashed on 33 Cars

BELLEVILLE, IL ( — Belleville, Illinois, police are looking for vandals who slashed the tires on more 33 vehicles the last few days. Most of the damage occurred on a church parking lot Sunday night. Shayla Wilson, 19, was taken aback by the news, "That was a big surprise," says Wilson. Her 1994 Oldsmobile was targeted by vandals. "They got all four of my tires. When I realized it, I was like, 'Wow.' The first thing that came to my mind is 'How am I going to pay for this?'"

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Is your church parking lot protected?

Surveillance Camera
Roving Security During Meetings
Parking Crews

Tuesday, October 26

Church Security and Car Charging Stations

Churches and gas stations -- the two make an unlikely pair.

"Coulomb Technologies said on Friday that Wooden Cross Lutheran will be the first church in the country to get a charging station. Coulomb, a Silicon Valley startup, is running a $37 million program (with $15 million from the federal government) to install 4,600 public and home charging stations in nine regions of the country, including New York, Washington, D.C., Orlando (Fla.), Austin, Detroit, and the San Francisco Bay Area."

Wooden Cross Lutheran Church may be the first in the country to receive an electric charging station for vehicles; however, if this trend continues they surly will not be the last. This situation will bring forth a new front in the security industry. How do be prevent unauthorized user from stealing electricity? How do we regulate who will use these charging stations? This is something that I have not even begun to think about; however, this may be something that we all will need to consider in the next decade.

Monday, October 25

Fetus Found In Hallway of Church

"A fetus was found on Saturday in the hallway of a west suburban church, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office.

No pronouncement information was immediately available, but the fetus was reportedly found as mass was taking place at St. Louise de Marillac Catholic Parish, 1140 Harrison Ave. in LaGrange Park, is at that location.

Father Denis Condon said the mother, a parishioner who regularly attends mass at St. Louise, had a miscarriage in the women's bathroom during mass Saturday evening."

Sunday, October 24

Endorsement: Dan Dumas, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Dan Dumas
-Senior Vice President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“A part of living in a Genesis three world is the progressive need for heightened security in public venues. Light attracts bugs and Brian Gallagher has set a coarse to provide some world class leadership in this category of ministry. Brian has made it his mission to enhance the light and lessen the bugs and keep us safe from sinful forces—too this end I am grateful.”

Saturday, October 23

“10 Famous Megachurch Founders and the Story Behind Them”

Presented By:

"The megachurch movement, most commonly associated with evangelical, fundamentalist, or “prosperity gospel” Christianity (generally Protestant) in America, actually stretches much further than many realize. Because these institutions attract thousands of followers, it probably comes as little surprise that their founders and pastors generally garner a considerable amount of fame as a result. Most of them enjoy recognition from outside their religious or political niches as well – sometimes in the form of activism, participation in various conferences and summits, lectures, book deals, television appearances, and shocking scandals. The following list briefly summarizes some of the more prominent megachurch founders out there, focusing mainly on their relationships with the congregations they started rather than their public humiliations. It was, after all, not compiled by Perez Hilton. These men are who they are (or were who they were), and it is up to the reader to decide if he or she finds their messages and lives inspiring or appalling."

1.) John Olsteen
2.) Rick Warren
3.) David Yonggi Cho
4.) Bill Hybels
5.) Ted Haggard
6.) Frederick K.C. Price
7.) Robert H. Schuller
8.) T.D. Jakes
9.) Jerry Falwell
10.) Earl Paulk

Wednesday, October 20

Church Targeted Three Times!

"A church in Decatur is trying to replace up to $14,000 in stolen electronics and cash after thieves targeted it three times.

Briarlake Baptist Church Pastor Tommy Ferrell told WSB-TV that thieves apparently broke into the building on Saturday. Then they came back two more times."

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Tuesday, October 12

Pastor Found Murdered - Sunday

"A Chattanooga man and a teenager used a stick, vase and knife to torture to death a local pastor who would not reveal the PIN to his debit card, police said Monday.

They beat, stabbed and strangled the Rev. David Strong, pastor at St. Paul AME Church, and then hit him over the head with a vase and cut his throat, police said."

Updated Link: Click for Article

Saturday, October 9

Woman Carries Holstered Pistol to Church

"A Wisconsin gun rights group that has filed federal lawsuits against the state and the cities of Racine and Madison sued the city of Brookfield Thursday for arresting a woman in July who wore her gun to church.

Wisconsin Carry filed Thursday's lawsuit is on behalf of Krysta Sutterfield who carried a holstered pistol to the Unitarian Universalist Church in Brookfield on July 4. Police arrived after someone called to complain about the weapon."

Thursday, September 23

3rd Claim of Sexual Abuse from Atlanta Pastor

ATLANTA, Sept. 23 (UPI) -- "The leader of a 25,000-member Atlanta-area church canceled a radio interview after learning a third man had accused him of forcible sex, the station said.

Bishop Eddie Long canceled a scheduled Thursday morning interview on the syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show after learning about the third law suit, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported."

Wednesday, September 22

Stolen Music Equipment in Miami

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past week. Below is a small clip that came out of Miami this morning. In my research there seems to be a common theme that music equipment is the #1 item stolen from churches.

In my opinion the reason is that these items are higher dollar assets and easy to sell on the internet or through a pawn shop. Most churches lack security resulting in them becoming easy target for criminals. What security procedures does your church have in relation to music equipment?

"A thief stole an amplifier, two mixers, a speaker and keyboard valued at $8,000 from the House of God Church, 1225 N. Redland Rd., between 8 p.m. Sept. 2 and 3:30 p.m. Sept. 4."

From Miami Herold

Tuesday, September 14

5 Steps to Risk Management

5 Steps to Risk Management

1. Identify Hazards
2. Evaluate Hazards
3. Prioritize Hazards
4. Control Hazards
5. Monitor Hazards

Monday, September 13

Help Spread the Word!

This is a request for all of my current readers...

We are fast approaching the one year anniversary of the "" blog. Please help me by sending in comments outlining how this blog has been a help to you. I would also like to know if there are specific things that you would like to see more or less on this website.

Please help me promote this blog by passing on the URL to others and encouraging them to subscribe to its content. 

Thank you for your support!

Sunday, September 12

Burning of the Quran

"Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., may have “suspended” plans to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11. But the controversial Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., says it will burn the Quran. In fact, it already has."

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Events like this are only going to continue to grow. Christians all over the world are murdered everyday; however, the threat of one Quran being burned brings the media crawling and a negative attention to Christians across this country. I do not support the burning of the Quran; however, I also do not support the fact that Christian martyrs are being forgotten all across the world!

Wednesday, September 8

Tony Reinke on Church's Plans to Burn Qur’an

"September 11th is four days away, and it will mark the ninth anniversary of 9/11. As a large portion of the world mourns, one church in Florida plans to celebrate with “Burn a Qur’an” day. How many copies of the Qur’an it will take to make a newsworthy flame I’m not sure, but I am sure the media will be there when the pile is lit."

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From: "Miscellanies - A Cross-centered Blog" by Tony Reinke

Friday, September 3

The Amount Could Top $1 million

"Thompson's ability to take as much money as he wanted from the two accounts he controlled is at the heart of the prosecution's case against the former pastor, who spent nearly four hours on the witness stand in Franklin County Common Pleas Court...

Moore said that pinpointing the amount of money that Thompson is accused of stealing is difficult because he was given complete control of two accounts and co-mingled the funds. Prosecutors have said the amount could top $1 million. Moore told the judge that Thompson misspent at least $700,000."

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Tuesday, August 31

10 Church Leaders Surrounded by Scandal

The following article if presented by I think that it is important to lean from the examples of the past and looks for ways to protect your church from falling to the same sinful scandals. I am not supporting or denying the facts of these statements. I am just bringing them to my readers for consideration within their own church. Make sure to click the link to the article for full video and specific details.

"If Ben Franklin were writing today, he’d likely say that nothing in this world is certain but death, taxes, and religious scandal. There have been so many church leaders plagued by scandal that Wikipedia has an entire category devoted to cataloguing the ways various men and women of God found themselves brought low by lust, anger, or good old-fashioned greed. The people on this list are notable not just for their mistakes, but ultimately how ordinary they are: they slept with the wrong person, bought the wrong house, etc. These are the church leaders who’ve shot themselves in the feet, and who might be forgiven but will never be forgotten."

1) Ted Haggard
2) Jim Bakker
3) Pope Benedict XVI
4) Henry Lyons
5) George Alan Rekers
6) Joe Barron
7) Coy Privette
8) Earl Paulk
9) Lonnie Latham
10) Fred Phelps

Monday, August 30

Bishop Shot and Killed in CA Church on Sunday

VISALIA, Utah - "Police in California are investigating the deadly shooting of a bishop at a meetinghouse of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The shooting happened Sunday afternoon in Visalia, Calif."

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Thursday, August 26

Church Member Burns Building in Revenge

"The Orlando Fire Department arson unit said today it had made an arrest in connection with a fire at a building owned by a church...Church members immediately told investigators that the fire had been set by Johnson, who had been asked to leave the premises after an argument earlier in the evening with the church's pastor."

(H/T Matt Larson)

Wednesday, August 25

Pastor: My right to bear arms was violated

"A pastor from Elizabethton said police in Washington D.C. violated his right to bear arms -- during the July Fourth weekend.

William Duncan started preaching the gospel 33 years ago.

On July second, he pulled into a Holiday Inn parking lot with two loaded handguns under the driver's seat. The hotel shares a parking lot with the Federal Emergency Management Agency."

What is your opinion on this article? Was the pastor right or the police officer?

Sunday, August 22

Gunman Robbed Political Candidate Outside Miami Church

"A gunman robbed 17th Congressional District candidate Marleine Bastien on Saturday, turning the campaign trail into a crime scene.

The 51-year-old community activist was outside a North Miami church where she was going to meet voters before Tuesday's primary. She is one of nine Democrats running for U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek's seat."

Thursday, August 19

Bingo Scam Cheated Church out of $830K

"A tip about illegal side bets at a Queens bingo hall led to a much bigger crime: a fraud scheme that cheated a church out of $830,000, officials say.

Two men and a woman were arrested yesterday on charges they conned the Greek Orthodox Church into lending its good name for a bingo license, which must be sponsored by a charity."

Monday, August 16

Three Children at a Denver Church Sexually Assaulted

DENVER (AP) — "A man suspected of sexually assaulting at least three young children at a Denver church day care center is due in court Monday to be advised of charges against him.

Nineteen-year-old Benjamin Janicki is charged with three counts each of sexual assault on a child and sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, and prosecutors say more charges are possible. His bond has been set at $650,000."

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Friday, August 13

Embezzled more than $360,000 from their Baptist church

GASTONIA, N.C. (ABP) -- A North Carolina couple made their first court appearance Aug. 12 on charges that they embezzled more than $360,000 from their Baptist church.

According to media reports, Alan Roland, 55, was treasurer and Sunday school superintendent at Way of the Cross Baptist Church in Mount Holly, N.C. His wife, Linda, 55, was the assistant treasurer and church secretary. Together, police say, they wrote 811 checks to themselves totaling $366,156 over the last three years.

Wednesday, August 11

2 killed in Crash Outside Maryland Church

"One Mass had just ended Sunday at a Catholic church in Maryland. People were walking away. Suddenly, a car driven by a woman arriving for the next service struck three of those who were leaving.

A few minutes after 11 on a warm summer morning, shouts and screams broke out in front of St. Joseph's Church in the Frederick County town of Emmitsburg.

Two of those who had just attended Mass were killed. A third, an 89-year-old woman, was injured."

Monday, August 9

Thief Steals Church Offerings During Church

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - "How low can one go? Someone apparently during the middle of morning worship service had their mind on something other than ‘praise and worship,' according to a Nacogdoches Police report.

While church members worshipped close by, thieves were brazenly helping themselves to the Sunday morning offerings at Christian Life Center Church."

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Saturday, August 7

11-year-old Girl Molested at Church

SALINAS, Calif. -- A church youth counselor pleaded guilty Thursday to molesting an 11-year-old girl at church, according to prosecutor Cristina Johnson.

Erick Mendoza, 21, of Salinas, pleaded guilty to two counts of forcible lewd acts on a child under 14. He will be sentenced on Sept. 9 to 12 years in prison.

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Are you looking for a background check company? Check out IntelliCorp and see ow they can help your needs!

Friday, August 6

Interview with Gainsville Times

I was contacted by a reporter yesterday from the Gainsville Times in Georgia. It was a good interview related to why churches need to take church security seriously. Below are a few of my quotes and a link to the article

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"Places of worship can be more vulnerable to burglaries than commercial or residential buildings, said Brian Gallagher, who runs the website “Security At Church.”
“A church is a little different because it’s viewed as an easier target,” he said. “The majority of churches don’t have alarm systems.
Churches as a whole are a decade behind the curve from other industries in seeing the need for security.”

Thursday, August 5

A Decade of Vandals and Burglars!

"A Lehigh Acres church that has been the target of vandals and burglars for more than a decade has sustained another setback.
All Lehigh Community Baptist Church's 22 windows were shattered from the inside, causing an estimated $5,300 in damages, according to a Lee County Sheriff's Office report."

Wednesday, August 4

Fire Ravages Historic Church

SOUTH LONDONDERRY, VT -- "No one was hurt as a raging inferno tore through the historic First Baptist Church of South Londonderry early Tuesday morning, firefighters said. 

The 70 foot steeple at the front of the church, an icon of the area for anyone driving along Route 100, is no more. 

At about 3 a.m., firefighters responded to a fire at 62 Crescent St., said Chief George Lang of the Champion Fire Station in South Londonderry. 

Lang said the damages to the church are in the ballpark of $1.5 million. He added that the cause of the fire is still undetermined, but it is not believed to be suscipious."

Tuesday, August 3

Does your Church have an Alarm?

GREEN BAY (WFRV) - "Green Bay police have arrested a man they say broke into a Green Bay church early this morning.

Authorities say the alarm went off around 2 a.m. at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral."

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Sunday, August 1

Introducing cPRIME

Over the last week I have been introduced to a product called cPRIME. It is a bracelet that has a nano-technology microchip installed on the inside of it. The product incorporates a proprietary patent-pending technology that acts as a bioantenna, altering the way your body interacts with its electromagnetic environment, which may help to balance and optimize biological responses. I have tested the product myself and like the results that I have observed. Studies have shown improvement in Strength, Balance, Performance, Flexibility and Endurance.

Saturday, July 31

Humor: Deer Crashes into Church

Courtesy of Carl Chinn 
"A deer crashed through the front door of the Uxbridge Church of the Nazarene Monday night or early Tuesday, causing an estimated $2,000 in damage inside before it died, police and church officials said.

A church office administrator discovered the bizarre scene Tuesday morning. Noelle Herrmann, children’s pastor, said she found blood smeared on the walls and floor, glass shards, a pew and several plants knocked over, a baseboard heater trampled, and the deer lying in front of her office door."

“This was a beautiful deer, and it was really sad just to see the blood everywhere and to know it didn’t die a peaceful death,’’ Herrmann said.

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Church Caretaker, Shot and Killed

"Milton Hill shoveled the snow from the front walk of the church next to his small East Baltimore apartment. The 70-year-old helped carry heavy boxes to the food pantry and walked women to their cars after late-night events. He trimmed the church hedges on Thursday, just because it needed to be done.

On Friday morning, Hill was found slumped against a fence, lying in a pool of blood. He had been shot. The scooter he used to get around town — a retirement present he bought himself, according to the church deacon — was gone."

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Wednesday, July 28

Stewart Country, Tennessee Mayor Considers Church Security

"Stewart County emergency officials were back to hammering out an optional security plan for churches on July 22 following a two-month hiatus in which they dealt with flooding issues.

The group not only wants to proceed for obvious reasons - the opportunity for local faith-based organizations to have the skills to be proactive rather than reactive in the case of an emergency - but because the larger world is watching as well.

According to Stewart County Mayor Rick Joiner, federal officials through the office of Homeland Security have expressed "significant interest in modeling and acquiring our plan for other jurisdictions and entities across the nation to utilize."

Tuesday, July 27

$16,000 Goes Missing From Pastors Hiding Place

"Sometime between Sunday and Monday afternoon police say a local church was broken into and thousands of dollars was taken.

The burglary happened here at the Shilo Four Square Church off Holmes in Idaho Falls. The pastor says he had stashed $16 thousand dollars to pay for some work being done at his home and that someone took all that money."

There are a couple of things that I don't like about this article. Why did the pastor have $16,000 in cash? Why did he have this money hiding in the church and not secured in a safe? What does "stash" mean?

Your church needs to have strict rules when it comes to the handling of money. As a investigator I would be tempted to investigate this crime as a inside job off of the limited information that I have received. Protect your church and protect your leadership by having rules for how you will handle the churches money. 

Sunday, July 25

Update: Church Security Resources

During the 2010 Vigilance Conference, John Kim Cook, referenced multiple church security resources and organizations during his closing main session. Shown below is a list of those resources:

Update! Cook Strategies (John Kim Cook)

Update! Guidelines for Emergency Preparedness for People With Disabilities

ICSARM (Michael Boutot)

Security at Church Blog (Brian Gallagher)

HALO Corporation (Brad Barker)

NOCSSM (Chuck Chadwick)

Secure Community Network (Paul Goldenberg)

Christian Emergency Network (Mary Marr)

COOP/COMP Planning

Saturday, July 24

Church Shooting: Canada

AJAX, Ontario, July 23 (UPI) -- "An argument during a party at a Durham, Ontario, church basement allegedly led to the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old boy, police say."

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I have a few readers from Canada and up North right on the Canadian/US Border. When it comes to a big event like a church shooting I wanted to include this information for all of you to see. 

Man Uses Church Cross as Pry Bar


"A Florida man faces charges in Fort Lauderdale that he broke into a church, took a crucifix off the altar and used it to pry open a donation box to steal the money inside.

George Albert Horn, 48, was caught on church surveillance video ripping off the donations under the devotional candles at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, police said.

Police also said the poor boxes in the church were looted. Horn was charged with burglary and theft."

Friday, July 23

NEW: FBI Warning to Churches

"Brett Leatherman, special agent with the FBI, said the letter was sent out after several churches in the county reported suspicious people asking odd questions.

The letter warns of several instances of people showing up at places of worship and asking detailed questions about building layout and where people usually congregate in the building. Suspicious people have also asked when worship centers would be populated and where Christians could be found in the building.

The suspicious activity has been reported during the past several months, and the letter has been sent to churches of all denominations."

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Thank you Halo Corporation for this lead!

Vigilance: Seminar Part 2

Pastoral/Executive Protection – Brian Gallagher 
A pastor or religious leader is tasked from the Lord to guide his flock. Without his leadership and direction, the flock can quickly drift away in the wind. Taking special consideration for the safety and security of any church leadership is essential to the continuation of the church’s mission. Pastors and speakers draw special attention that others in the congregation don’t. Multiple church shootings have been directed at the person standing on the stage. Some were specific to that person while the others were crimes of proximity. In the event of an emergency, one must know if they should provide shelter in place, move to a hold-room, or evacuate from the premises. These scenarios need to be thought out in advance and training must be provided so the response is immediate and reactionary avoiding confusion and delay. Churches need to evaluate who should receive additional protection and what plans need to be put in place regarding the protection of their families.

Ushers/Greeters/Traffic – Bob Perkins 
Often ushers and greeters are the first to greet many to our churches and faith based schools. They are in a position to see activity in and around our buildings, hallways and parking lots. We hope that we can train these men and women to observe actions of others that may be wanting to do harm. This in addition to welcoming persons with open arms, hearts and displaying the Love of Jesus.

Information Technology Security & Pornography – Trevor Wallis 
This seminar will present practical techniques useful for any ministry organization to protect its data, websites, technology resources, and staff from various technical security threats including hackers, data thieves, technology equipment thieves, malicious insiders, and pornography.

Topics include technology threat analysis for your organization, common hacker techniques, practical solutions for data protection and encryption, strong password utilization, and equipment protection. The seminar will also provide an opportunity to present your technology security questions.Weapons/Use of Force – Jeffrey A. Hawkins In 2009 there were 12 homicides and 38 other violent incidents in Christian churches in the United States. Incidents of rapidly escalating violent confrontations, or “active shooters”, have occurred on a regular basis in Christian churches and ministries. This session will review the dynamics of these situations and the implications of weapons and deadly and non-lethal use-of- force in a Christian organization.

A World on Drugs: The Past, Present, and Future of Mind-Altering Substances – David Roward 
David Roward will provide a historical, comprehensive, practical and biblical view of mind- altering drug use that will surprise and inform the hearer about the darkness and damage of these substances.

Foreign Travel/Mission Trips – Robert Klamser 
Short-term mission trips can be tremendous ministry experiences for both the participants and recipients/hosts. Although there are risks and hazards associated with all missions trips, these risks and hazards can be substantially mitigated with proper planning and preparation. This seminar will cover key risk mitigation actions in these major areas: risk assessment, legal precautions, and contingency/action plans.

Maryville Church Shooting Case Study - Tommy L. Ishmael 
This presentation will cover the events of March 8, 2009 at First Baptist Church of Maryville Il and the murder of Senior Pastor Fred Winters. It begins with a routine early morning Southern Baptist church service and other activities in progress, works through the actual shooting itself (will not disclose issues still in criminal litigation) and concludes with the incident resolution, lessons learned and church recovery from this hostile act.

Ministry Violence Research - Carl Chinn
Carl Chinn began researching for his book regarding concepts for security at faith-based organizations (A Strong Tower) in 1999. Much of that research has been developing an understanding of common ministry incidents, and considering details of those occurrences in ways that security teams can learn from. As a result his website has been credited by many as being the most comprehensive study of “Deadly Force Incidents at Faith-Based Organizations” available. This presentation is an overview of the findings of that data.

Crisis Management Team – Ron Aguiar
Where to start in building a team, who should be members, and what will their responsibilities be before, during and after a crisis. Discussion will include media incidents that will help in shaping your team and its response.

Effective communications for your church or school – Bob Heaton 
What happens when you have a medical emergency at your facility? What if there is a security threat at your school or church. How to coordinate the correct response, both internal and from the appropriate Fire, Law Enforcement, or EMS agency? We will explore what is needed to create and maintain your own dispatch center, whether it is a dedicated staff 24/7 or just a designated person to call 911. Know the information that the 911 dispatchers will be asking for. Listen to real 911 calls. Implement current public safety dispatch and Incident Command concepts into your current operation.

Incident Management – Scott La Rue 
Introduction to Incident Management introduces the Incident Command System (ICS) and provides the foundation for higher level ICS training. This seminar will cover the history, features and principles, and organizational structure of the Incident Command System for emergency and preplanned events. We will make the impossible, possible!

Keeping It Legal – Adam Houghton 
This class is intended to help the student become aware of legal and technical issues surrounding the complex decision to protect their facility from a dynamic, violent and life threatening incident. We will be discussing criminal liability as well as some considerations that must be understood before undertaking higher levels of security. This class will help the student understand why it is increasingly important to consider your church's vulnerability and how to better provide a safe place for people to worship.

Natural Disasters – Roger Mason 
Natural disasters can strike at any time. Are you ready to protect and organize your members before, during, and after a natural disaster? By developing a plan that identifies your strengths and needs you can improve your ability to care for your members, prepares you to assist in your community, and shortens the cycle for recovery.

Legal/Liability Issues – David Middlebrook 
Many churches are conflicted about how to handle potential areas of liability. While your church’s primary goal is the spiritual development of its congregants, such a goal cannot be reached to the exclusion of any focus on risk management. Come listen to David Middlebrook discuss the seven key legal elements upon which your church should be built and why you should implement and follow them.

Policies & Procedures – Raoul L. Williams 
The “team” is in place, all the radios are on the same channel, and the cameras are focused. Now what? How do we accomplish our mission? This pragmatic session will focus the development of policy and procedure. Topics covered include: chain of command, intelligence, deployment, developing and maintaining relationships with other ministries within the church.

Crime Prevention: Protecting the Church’s Assets – William S. Carcara 
The financial assets of a church transcend the actual monetary value of those assets. Offerings by church members represent a tangible trust between the congregation and the church. When those funds are misused, stolen, misappropriated or not utilized for the intended purpose, emotional repercussions frequently occur. This can cause the member’s departure from the church body, ministers and staff being investigated, negative publicity for the church and ultimately a damaged reputation.

Cash management begins with the collection of donations from the congregation and concludes with the funds being used for their intended purpose. The first step in developing a financial security policy is to identify how money should be collected, counted, deposited, reported, and audited. Each phase of this process is equally important since each represents an opportunity for theft or misappropriation.

Thursday, July 22

Vigilance: Seminar Part 1

 Starting a Security Program at Church – Raoul L. Williams
Starting a church security program can be a very daunting task. This session will focus on providing the attendees with tools to reduce the anxiety associated with forming a security team. Topics to be covered include: establishing the need for a church security program, the identification and solicitation of key personnel, development of security team mindset, and training. The necessity of networking within the church, the church community and the public safety community will also be explored.

Target Hardening: Physical Security for Churches – William S. Carcara and Michael Simpson 

“Target Hardening” refers to the strengthening of the security of an individual premise with the goal of reducing or minimizing potential criminal attack, risks, or vulnerabilities. The concept of target hardening does not necessarily imply a fortress or bunker mentality. Simply put, the idea of target hardening is that a strong, visible defense will deter or delay a criminal attack.

Target hardening is a means to reduce the opportunity of criminal attack by increasing the effort that a criminal must exert to accomplish his or her goal. The more effort that is expended, the greatertheriskandthegreaterthechancethatthecriminalwillbeapprehended Criminals seek easy targets which minimizes the likelihood of being detected or caught. The more difficult the target, the more likely a potential burglar or thief will pick another property to attack.

Investigations and the Importance of Documentation – Bob Perkins 

It doesn't matter what the size of our church or faith based school, all incidents, crimes or threats must be investigated and properly documented. This training will show how proper investigations and documentation can help prevent or prosecute those wanting to harm those seeking God in their lives.

Video surveillance: The Devil's in the Details - Chuck Chadwick 

Video surveillance is the hottest thing in church security market today. From Childcare areas to the Main auditorium churches are jumping on board to take advantage of this great technology. Building “Master Control Rooms" and real -time monitoring of multi-campus sites are among the more sophisticated endeavors. Chuck Chadwick will explain the details that can make you video surveillance system a boon or bust. Lens selection, compression methods, image resolution and frame rates are all explained to give you the extra intel you need when selecting and designing these system.

Lightning Strikes Twice (The Story of the Gunman/Hostage Incident at Focus on the Family, May 1996) - Carl Chinn 

This session will be a summary overview of the planning actions prior to, and response actions during two significant attacks on ministries in Colorado Springs. The first occurred on May 2nd, 1996 when a gunman entered Focus on the Family, threatening to blow up the facility and taking hostages. 11 years later, and just 3 1⁄2 miles north another gunman entered New Life Church killing two people in the parking lot before being stopped by effective security efforts in the building. Chinn played a key role in the pre-incident emergency planning at both ministries and was an initial responder in both incidents. Chinn presents on plan development and shares first-hand recounts of those criminal attacks.

The Incident at Wedgewood Baptist Church September 1999 - Jeff Laster 

On September 15, 1999, a gunman entered Wedgwood Baptist Church and opened fire with a 9mm, killing seven and wounding seven others. It was a Wednesday Evening and the church was hosting a “Saw You at the Pole Rally”. A worship service for the youth of the area to celebrate what God had done through their “See You at the Pole” events held at their school flag poles that morning. I was the first one shot by the gunman as I greeted him at the door. I will be sharing how this affected Wedgwood and our community, how it has changed us, and how it has given Wedgwood an opportunity to reach out to those affected by similar tragedies.

Children & Youth Worker Training – David O. Middlebrook 

The issue of protecting minors while in the care of the church has become an explosive legal issue nationwide over the past few years. A recent study shows abuse allegations to be one of the most common reasons a church gets sued. Common sense leads to the conclusion that large, fast growing churches with many new faces and many young faces have tremendous exposure unless action is taken to avoid or greatly reduce the risk of an incident of child abuse and particularly, child sexual abuse. During this session David Middlebrook will discuss how you can protect the children and youth in your church.

Emotional/Child Abuse – Heath Lambert 

Nothing can wreak havoc in a local body of believers like the experience of child abuse. When it occurs, this problem has a unique ability to do significant harm to individuals as well as the larger congregation. This seminar will examine how church leaders can be vigilant to protect children and families from abuse. It will also examine how to respond when abuse does occur and how to use biblical and civil authorities to deal with the problem.

Medical/Response Equipment – Scott La Rue 

In this seminar we will discuss the must-have medical plan for your campus, church or facility no matter how large or small an area you protect. Including; building a medical response plan, methodology and implementation, and necessary resources for application.

Public Safety Relations – Ron Aguiar 

This seminar will discuss ways to connect with and maintain good relationships with your Fire and Police Departments, as well as other public agencies that impact your ministry. It will also give real life examples of good and bad situations.

Terrorism – Jeffrey A. Hawkins 

Several years ago, in an Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) briefing meeting at the U.S. State Department, then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated “Faith Based Organizations are now one of the top five ‘at risk’ sectors in the world”. Christian organizations are facing growing threats from both foreign and domestic groups. This session will review these growing threats and examine why the Christian community as a whole needs to step up efforts to prepare for terrorism in the U.S. and abroad.

Fire Suppression/ Evacuation – Brian Gallagher 

It’s important to remember that a fire may be your biggest threat. According to the NFPA an average of 1,300 church fires are reported each year causing $38 million in property loss. Do you know how your congregation will react to a fire alarm in the middle of a Sunday service? When and how should the fire alarm and suppression systems be checked in your facility? There is much more to consider than the basic stop, drop, and roll that we all learned as kids. Knowing proper techniques could help save lives.

Mass Causality Incidents – Roger Mason 

Mass casualty incidents can quickly overwhelm most churches. These types of critical incidents can result from human action, accidents, or natural disaster disasters. The key to preparing your church is developing a plan that will protect your members and integrate your response with your local emergency management resources.

Active Shooter Protocols – Ted Matthews 

Unfortunately, violence against churches, particularly shootings at churches is on the rise. This seminar will discuss active shooters and immediate responses by church members and security. The 5 phases of an active shooter will be discussed, along with ways to prevent violence in the church, the biblical perspective of why we defend the church and the flock and the need of striking a balance of a loving church and protection of the church.

Risk Management – Ronald “Buzz” Horch 

“Risk Management Fundamentals” will cover the framework and fundamentals of effective security risk management. Topics will include: Preparedness Basics, Roles of Subject Matter Experts and Decision Makers, 5 Strategies to Manage Risk, Smart Hiring, Workplace Violence and Keys to Training.

Wednesday, July 21

Vigilance: Seminar Speakers

William S. Carcara
William Carcara is a 30 year law enforcement veteran who retired in 2002 from his post of Chief of Police for the Jefferson County (KY) Police Department. Before initiating Crime Prevention Training Concepts, Colonel Carcara served as the Assistant Director of the American Crime Prevention Institute (ACPI) for three years.
While the ACPI’s assistant director, Carcara earned the American Society for Industrial Security’s prestigious Certified Protection Professional (CPP) status and initiated and developed ACPI’s church security project. He has instructed hundreds of law enforcement and church leaders throughout the United States and Canada about the various issues surrounding church crime prevention. Carcara, along with Lt. Colonel Troy Riggs, co-authored an article entitled “What Exactly is Suspicious Behavior” that was published in the winter 2009 edition of the National Association of Church Business Administrators periodical.
He has a master of science degree from the University of Louisville and is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy.
As founder and president of National Organization of Church Security and Safety Managements, Inc. (NOCSSM), the nation’s oldest and largest church security organization; Chuck Chadwick helps churches of all sizes address the “best practices” of church security. As a provider of church security services to some of the largest churches in the nation through his organization Gatekeepers Security Services, Chuck keeps “in the trenches” of mega-church security. His national church security conferences have been given across the nation with tremendous accolades.
Carl Chinn
Carl Chinn is a consultant, writer and speaker on the subject of security in faith-based organizations. As such, he has written many emergency action plans and served on, or managed the teams to operate them. He maintains related information on his website at
Colorado Springs, Co., is known as the “Evangelical Capital” by those who value that label, as well as many who loathe it. Consequently there have been two significant attacks on ministries there in recent years — the gunman/hostage incident at Focus on the Family in 1996, and the New Life Church shooting in 2007. Carl was directly involved in the recovery efforts for both incidents.
Brian Gallagher
Brian Gallagher has worked in the fields of law enforcement, fire/rescue and medical emergency services for over the last decade. These positions have included jobs with private corporations, as well as, local, state and federal governments. He is currently employed in Washington, D.C., by the United States Secret Service. Brian has a passion for the topic of church safety and security and is working hard to make a difference for churches and pastors across the country. He is currently in the process of completing his first book on this topic. Brian is a member of Sovereign Grace Ministries and has a specialty for directing security for national conferences. Conferences include “Together for the Gospel” and “NEXT” (formally known as New Attitude).
Bob Heaton
Bob Heaton has a combined total of 18 years in public safety. Bob began his career as an emergency medical technician working on an ambulance in various communities of Los Angeles County, where he was born and raised. In 1998, he transitioned from working in the field to working behind the scenes in dispatch. In 2000, he became a dispatcher for The Los Angeles County Fire Department and then in 2001 transferred to the Ventura County Fire Department where he currently is a shift supervisor in the Regional Fire/Ems Communications Center.
Ronald “Buzz” Horch
Ronald “Buzz” Horch has worked as the Contract Project Manager for WSI at the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., since 2004. He is responsible for managing security operations in 12 facilities in D.C., Virginia and Maryland. He has over 19 years of criminal justice and human resources experience as a juvenile services counselor, police officer, investigator, safety/security analyst, human resources manager and project manager. Ronald’s education and training includes degrees in political science and music from Central Washington University, U.S. Air Force ROTC - University of Portland, Washington State Basic Law Enforcement Academy, Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification and extensive training in workplace violence, background investigations, risk management and employee relations.
Adam Houghton
Adam Houghton was a police officer serving in the Louisville area for over 20 years. He was the primary firearms instructor for the Jefferson County Police department. Additionally he served as the head defensive tactics instructor, fitness instructor and basic academy drill instructor. Adam served as a member of the Jefferson County Police Departments SWAT team and later the Louisville Metro Police Departments SWAT team after a merger of the departments. Adam was the primary point operator for 12 years and served as the team’s tactical commander for another six years. Adam has instructed police officers throughout the region in shooting, active shooter tactics, defensive tactics, fitness and swat tactics.
Adam currently resides with his family in northwest Montana and works at the Pinehaven Christian Children’s ranch teaching physical education and health to kids in need.
Tommy L. Ishmael
Tommy L. Ishmael is an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) program manager for the United States Air Force at Scott AFB in Illinois. He is a bomb disposal expert by trade with over 32 years of bomb disposal and emergency management experience. He has extensive training in disarming nuclear weapons, biological and chemical ordnances, and homemade and terrorist bombs. He advises the U.S. military on bomb threats, disaster preparedness and vulnerability assessment issues and provides technical advice to local, state and federal authorities at all levels. Tommy is enrolled in the Southern Seminary master of arts in theological studies (MATS) program, he has a bachelor of science in Business Administration, an associate of science in Disaster Preparedness and an associate of science in Aircraft Armament Systems. His church home is First Baptist Church of Maryville, Ill., where he has previously served as the security program director. Tommy now volunteers as a security technical advisor to his church security team and works in defense for pastoral and altar security. He is married to Robin Birdwell Ishmael and enjoys camping, hunting, fishing and his church family.
Robert Klamser
Robert Klamser is the co-founder and executive director of Crisis Consulting International, a non-profit organization that provides security and crisis management services to the missionary, humanitarian and NGO communities. He retired from a 23 year law enforcement career in 1994. During that career he held a wide range of responsibilities, including command of a criminal investigation unit, command of a hostage negotiation team and command of the operations section of a municipal government’s emergency operations center. In addition to his responsibilities with Crisis Consulting International, he has served as the missions pastor and administrator of a large southern California church. Robert also serves on the Professional Services Network of the Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies. He is a frequent conference and workshop speaker and has appeared as an expert commentator and as a technical consultant on several major television networks. He and his wife, a retired police officer, reside in southern California.
Heath Lambert
Heath Lambert joined the faculty at Boyce College after six years in the pastoral ministry. Heath’s passion is to equip future church leaders to be Christ-exalting ministers of the Word of God. In his teaching Heath wants to foster a zeal to preach God’s Word, counsel God’s Word and live God’s Word. Heath currently is the chairman of the department of biblical counseling at Boyce College and serves as a pastor at his church. Heath and his wife, Lauren, have two children; a son, Carson, and a daughter, Chloe. They are expecting their third child —a boy — in June.
Scott La Rue
Scott La Rue has been on the Los Angeles Fire Department for 10 years and currently serves as a firefighter/ paramedic assigned to a Battalion Command Team in Hollywood, mitigating mass casualty incidents, major emergency fires and high profile preplanned events. Scott’s career with the Los Angeles Fire Department came on the heels of five years of service with the Los Angeles Police Department and Simi Valley Police Department. His work in law enforcement has given him practical experience in a large church security program, executive protection, crisis management and protection in handling the offering, all of which he did as a deacon at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, Calif. Certified as a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) instructor as well as a member of a Federal Incident Management Team, Scott manages the communications for large wildfires and natural disasters, including teaching incident management. As a California state licensed paramedic, Scott uses his skills in building and implementing medical plans for major incidents. Scott serves as a medical staff member and usher at Placerita Baptist Church and resides in Santa Clarita with his wife and two children.
Jeff Laster
Jeff Laster is minister to adults at Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX. He has been on staff at Wedgwood Baptist Church for eight years in his current position. Jeff has also served as facilities manager for over four years while attending Southwestern Seminary. He received his undergraduate degree in Christian Education from Southwestern in 2000 and his master of arts in Christian Education from Southwestern in 2001. Currently Jeff is working on his doctorate of Educational Ministries at Southwestern with a concentration in Leadership. His dissertation is focused on church security.
Roger Mason
Roger Mason has 27 years of law enforcement experience in southern California. He retired as lieutenant with the Burbank Police Department. For the past five years he has worked in the field of emergency management and is the vice president of LEC Management. His professional education includes a masters of Public Administration and a doctorate in Management and Decision Sciences.
Ted Matthews
Ted Matthews is recently retired after 30 years of service with the Los Angeles Police Department. Ted’s last assignment was as the detective commanding officer for Foothill Area, LAPD. During his tenure with the LAPD he provided security for athletes during the 1984 Olympics, provided security the Pope’s visit in 1987 as well as supervised response teams during the 1992 LA riots. Has been a department training coordinator and worked in internal affairs during the Rampart Scandal and several other high profile cases. He has supervised several specialized units that were first responders to various violent felons and crimes. He holds a masters degree in Criminal Justice Administration and is a professor at ITT Tech in the Criminal Justice Department. He is a member and deacon of Grace Community Church, Pastor John MacArthur’s church in California.. He serves on the church security team and is one of the teachers of a home and men’s bible study.
David O. Middlebrook
David O. Middlebrook is licensed to practice law in Texas, Colorado and the District of Columbia, and his practice emphasis is focused on representing tax-exempt organizations. His clients include all types of charitable, religious and educational organizations. Many nonprofit organizations retain David as general counsel; others use his services as special nonprofit corporate counsel. David graduated with honors with a bachelor of science in Business Management in 1985 and earned his law degree in 1989 from Southern Methodist University. He is also certified in risk management for churches and Christian schools by the University of Cambridge. David has authored and published numerous articles on nonprofit topics and is a frequent speaker on church legal subjects at conferences and seminars. He is the author of “The Guardian System,” a comprehensive system for the prevention of child abuse within an organization, for which he was awarded a 2001 Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Gold Medallion book award in recognition of excellence in evangelical Christian literature. He co-authored “Nonprofit Law for Religious Organizations: Essential Questions and Answers,” which is a response to the need for guidance, direction and clarification of legal and tax laws affecting churches and other religious organizations.
Bob Perkins
Bob Perkins has been married to Cheryl and has five children and eight grandchildren. After college, Bob spent 23 years in law enforcement. During his career he spent approximately 15 years as a detective in narcotics and general investigations. In 2000 he retired as a uniform sergeant. Currently, Bob serves as chief of safety and security at Southern Seminary. He is a deacon at Simpsonville Baptist Church and is active in Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief and other mission projects. Bob also teaches church safety and security through the Kentucky Baptist Conventions, Men on Mission Department. His program can be found at Safety and Security Training
David Roward
David Roward is a graduate of the Ohio State University with a bachelor of arts in Slavic Languages and Literature. He has been a law enforcement professional for the past 25 years, gaining a vast array of experiences in the field. He began his career with the United States Naval Investigative Service conducting counter-intelligence and narcotics operations and investigating general felony crimes involving the Navy and Marine Corps. He later joined the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and spent over six years investigating and dismantling major drug trafficking organizations in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. David was a tactical team member and a certified instructor in firearms, tactics and defensive tactics with DEA. In 1995, David joined the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). During his career with the LAPD, David was assigned as a patrol officer, training officer, sergeant and detective in the areas of special problems units, anti-gang operations, street level narcotics and detective positions in auto theft and organized crime. David is a member of the volunteer security team at his church.
Michael Simpson
Michael Simpson served nearly 30 years with the Jefferson County (Ky) Police Department retiring as deputy chief of police. During his career, he served in various aspects of the department including training director. He initiated numerous policies and procedures within the department that brought it into state accreditation status.
Mike has been a guest training speaker at national and international seminars and represented the Commonwealth of Kentucky for two terms on the board of directors of the Regional Organized Crime Information Center. Since his retirement, Mike has contracted with local jurisdictions in investigations involving internal policy violations and has served as a consultant for the American Crime Prevention Institute.
Mike has been a member of his local Methodist church for over 35 years and has had leadership roles in committees ranging from staff parish and trustees to the administrative council. He holds a bachelor of science degree in Education from Tennessee Tech. and a master of science degree in Community Development from the University of Louisville.
Trevor Wallis
Trevor Wallis is the vice president of Campus Technology at Southern Seminary. He oversees all the technology services of the institution from database management to network services, web sites and telecommunications. Trevor has an extensive background in technology services with experience ranging from the newspaper industry to many years in higher education technology. He has a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Oregon as well an M.Div. degree from The Master’s Seminary, along with additional graduate studies in Computer Security from the University of Idaho. Along with serving in technology fields, Trevor has served as a pastor in Washington and Montana. Trevor and his wife Carolyn have five children and two grandchildren. In his spare time, Trevor enjoys traveling, biking and spending time with his family.
Raoul L. Williams
Raoul Williams began his career with United States Probation system in 1988, after serving as probation and parole officer for the state of Missouri for six years. In 1998, he was promoted to senior U.S. probation officer specializing in gangs, organized crime and terrorism. He was an assistant firearms instructor from 1994 until 2002. In 2000, he became of a member of the Special Offender Supervision Team, which is responsible for the supervision of violent, high-risk federal offenders. He is the team leader for Eastern District of Missouri’s Special Response Team. He is currently a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Joint Terrorism Task Force, the United States Attorney’s Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council for the Eastern District of Missouri, the Missouri Domestic Terrorism Intelligence Work Group, the Midwest Cycle Intelligence Organization and Security Threat Group Coordinator for the Eastern District of Missouri. Raoul is certified by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Department Natural Resources to process clandestine methamphetamine laboratories. He is a specialist instructor with the Missouri Department of Public Safety and provides training to the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Academy and numerous other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Raoul and his family attend New Community Church in Wildwood, Missouri. He is the chairman of the New Community Church Safety and Security Committee and a member of the men’s ministry.
Clark Wright
Clark Wright, PHR, a Talent Acquisition Specialist since 2001 with LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, TN, is responsible for the recruitment and selection of professional level employees in its technology and retail divisions. He is a graduate of Memphis State University (B.A. Journalism), University of Arkansas (M.S. Operations Management), and Western Kentucky University (M.B.A.). Prior to joining LifeWay, Clark was a Logistics Manager and Field Human Resources Consultant with Ryder, Inc., in Memphis, TN, for more than 10 years.
Clark, his wife, Kecia and their two daughters reside in Hendersonville, TN.