Tuesday, December 29

Theft of Church Safe

“There appeared to be no forced entry, and more than 50 people have access to the area where the safe was kept, according to police… It is believed that between $90,000 to $100,000 in cash and checks was in the safe.”

This apparently seems to be an inside job. Police stated that the church had surveillance cameras of the area. I have two main thoughts in relation to this story.

First, why was there so much money in the safe? It is possible that the church collected that money Sunday and was planning on depositing it into the bank Monday. Is there another way to deposit the money? Can it be placed in a deposit box on Sunday? Can it be electronically deposited over the Internet? Many banks now have this option.

Second, if the church is bringing in $100,000 a week then why did they not have a surveillance camera installed in the church? A simple cost analysis would show you that the money lost is much more expensive then the cost of a good camera system.


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