Wednesday, December 9

Should Churches Have Armed Security Guards?

Has your church decided to move forward with starting a security team? Each and every church is different and has seperate needs. I would safely say that they all need some form of security. This could simply be a church member considering the topics we are discussing or it could be a fully staffed armed police force. Understanding that each situation is unique, there are four main options to choose from.

You can use Local Law Enforcement
You can use Contract Security Company
You can use Church Run Security Force
Or you can use a Combination of the Three

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company offers this advice when considering armed security at your facility.

Team composition—Will you use volunteers or hire professional security guards? How many members will you need? How will you screen them?

Risk to Others—What is the likelihood of your security team members being overpowered by an attacker or shooting someone other than the intended target? Could they be accused of using excessive force? How will they be supervised?

Training—How much formal weapons training have security team members received? Are they licensed to carry a weapon in your state? Has their experience included training in resolving conflict with people without using weapons?

Vocation—Are security personnel current or former law enforcement agents? How often do they undergo weapons training?

Before concluding that your church needs armed security guards, do some overall planning in conjunction with local police, your insurance agent, and your attorney. All can give you valuable advice.

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