Sunday, December 20

Explosives Found in Church

"My secretary was very nervous. She was like, 'I don't think we should stay.' But I said, 'It's been here since May, it's not going to going to blow up right now,'" Peterson said.

Heat, Shock, and Friction are the three main components that can make an explosive detonate. The statement highlighted above is based on pure naiveté. The smallest shift it the nitroglycerin’s state could have caused a large explosion. If you or a member of your congregation thinks they have come into contact with an explosive, leave the building and call the police immediately from the exterior of the building. Do not call the police from your cell phone in front of the suspicious item. The static electricity from your phone may be large enough to cause the device to explode.

What can a small amount of nitroglycerin do?

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  1. Good post, your right, most folks are clueless as to how unstable explosives or unexploded ordinance are, might be something that should be included in our next safety brief.