Thursday, November 12

What’s the Risk

If the church does not understand its current risk and points of vulnerability, then it can not act appropriately to avoid that risk. Risk does not disappear because no one considers or acknowledges it. If risk is present then one must decided to put it into one of the five below categories.

You can eliminate it
You can reduce it
You can share it
You can transfer it
You can accept it

These principles of risk management are explained and illustrated in relationship to church safety and security. By developing an understanding of risk, one can make informed decisions on how to move forward with the vulnerabilities that they face.

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  1. Brian, very thought provoking post. Do you believe that churches, schools, hospitals and the like should also educate their "customers" to make them force multipliers? I would be interested to hear if you think that is a good idea from a law enforcement perspective and if so, maybe some tips on how to effectively do so. Great blog, thanks for tackling this important issue - Jenni