Tuesday, November 17

Theft and Fire - Midway Bible Baptist Church

Click Link for: Arson Fire Story

The linked article tells a story about a church that experienced another tragedy related to a fire. Friday night the church was set ablaze by a “drifter” or “passerby” as the article describes. The individual stole $250 worth of music equipment prior to setting the church on fire. He was not a member of the church, nor did he live in the town that the church was located. This individual was just passing by and saw the church as an easy target. Is your church viewed as an easy target?

According to the United States Fire Administration:
The leading cause of church fires is arson (25%)

What can your church do to protect themselves from an arsonist getting into your facility?

Do you have an Alarm System?
Do you have surveillance cameras?
Does your building lock properly?

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