Saturday, November 28

Shot in Head then Crashes into Church

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Motorist dies after shot in head, crashes into South Side church :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

You never know what to expect when you wake up each morning... Police are still investigating the cause of this man’s shooting. After being shot in the head his car crashed into the side of a church. By God’s grace no one at the church was injured. There is not much that could have been done to prevent this scenario from occurring. It seems to be a random act unrelated to the church that ended bad.

This story should be a reminder to all of us to look at our current church facility. Are there barriers that are in place that would prevent a vehicle from driving into our building? Most government facilities have changed their security prospective to take this into consideration for all their buildings. The reason is not related to a random person being shot and then crashing into their building, but a more organized attack like a car bomb or suicide attempt that would purposefully involve someone driving the vehicle into the building. I am not suggesting that major construction has to take place at your church, but I am asking you to think about how you can design your church if you may be considering a remodel or new church construction project.

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