Monday, November 2

Michigan Minister Attacked at Home

Associated Press - November 1, 2009 4:34 PM ET

A Michigan minister who was stabbed in the neck, arms and chest by a burglar returned to the pulpit after weeks of recovery…Ramsby was attacked in his home by an intruder Aug. 4. Ramsby's family was out of town at the time and he was critically injured. He credited God with saving his life.

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What can we learn from the above story? According to police this attack seemed to be a random act of violence. Although Ramsby was not targeted specifically for his role as a minister, it is important to take your occupation into account when planning for the security of your personal life. Do you lock your doors at your house both when you are home, as well as, when you are away?

My wife is from a small town in Southwestern VA. She grew up never locking the exterior doors of her house. When we first got married this was a transition for her to remember as I insisted that the doors remained locked. Similar to my wife, some of you may be from smaller towns. If you lived in the city the idea of locking a door would be second nature; however, in a smaller town this is not always something that you consider. I don’t know if Ramsby had locked his door the night of his attack; however, my advice to you is that this would be the first step in protecting against a home intrusion. I also highly recommend investing in an alarm system for your house.

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